What are the 5 Best Games Geeks Will Play this Winter? 

This year’s been a fantastic breakthrough for the gaming industry, with geek festivals taking place in the gaming capitals of the UK, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and the US. What’s more is that the industry continues to grow at unprecedented rates. From simple bit-graphic games, such as Super Mario to the immersive reality of Uncharted, the gaming industry has come a long way in 2017. The growth of eSports and mobile casino slots now make it also a very profitable past time. What better time than the winter months to make some extra bucks, as you’d be at home more often anyway. Once you have installed a slot machine to play on your mobile phone, you can spin the reels any time on the go. But this is not all! With the days becoming shorter, there’s still more in store to spice up your winter and to look forward to once you get back to your fort of pillows and consoles, or even when you commute. You won’t need anything else, but these 7 mobile and video games to survive the winter months!

Into the Pocket 

Speaking of pockets and mobile games, the most straightforward game we’ve come up with is called namely ‘Into the Pocket’. It’s a wargame set in winter Stalingrad where you have to rescue the German forces trapped in the winter town. The Soviets are the nasty boys continuously invading your panzer, making it impossible to punch a big enough hole in the Stalingrad’s wall to rescue your pals. Post-apocalyptic imagery with good old school wargame storytelling at its finest. Guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen for hours!


Unsurprisingly, as the name suggests, Winterstate is set in a post-apocalyptic America of avid snowed down plains where raiders have occupied the land with their camp of monstrous vehicles. Your goal is to build your own fleet and take back the pillaged land. Cyberpunk geeks will be happy to know that there are 5 different types of vehicles available at different levels of the game. Tension is also built up by the constant ticking of the timer running against your forces. Territories won come with resources from the buildings which will come in handy when you decide to upgrade your vehicles.


Skiing mobile games are the usual choice when it comes to winter-themed games, but Dudeski is not an ordinary skiing game. Let’s face it, which other pocket game will let you hire penguins to dig tunnels for you. Your cash is measured in pine cones, while obstacles such as yetis and avalanches will take care for your adrenalin rush. Surely, it’s not a very serious competitive game, but it will certainly boost your spirits in the dark evenings!

Ice Ropes 

Being the newest mobile game in our selection, Ice Ropes is still solely played on iOS. Apologies to the Android devotees! However, it has everything from ice pillars and snowy obstacles to set the mood for a snowy Christmas, even if it doesn’t snow in your corner this year. Don’t underestimate the challenges though! Trying it once, you’ll soon figure out that jumping is not so natural for most of us. What makes it even more interesting are the hidden characters that you need to unlock to continue to the next level. Nobody knows their exact number, but be sure that there are at least 100 and another 100 pairing characters awaiting you at home!

A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build 

This is not an ordinary puzzle game, beware! You’ve got a maze of interlinking gardens while you have to build a snowman. It’s not so simple, as your three balls must be of different sizes, so be prepared to have your sense of perspective tested at every roll! Speaking of rolling, games are expensive, so have a look at SlotsWebsites.org for more themed mobile slots games to keep your bankroll grow!

Metro: Exodus 

We can’t just omit one of the most awaited games to be released in 2018. The trend of post-apocalyptic future and the cyberpunk elements are here to stay in the newest Metro. Developed for PS4 and Xbox, Metro is set in from the perspective of the first-person shooter and is no short of quality scares in this monsters versus human combo. A must for the start of the New Year! If you can’t wait until then, you might want to check out Forbes’ November release list.

 Snowboarding the Fourth Phase

Developed by Red Bull Media House for Android and iOS, this game has the most realistic graphics in our top 6 winter games. That’s not all! Drone-operated camera introduces the scene of a 3D mountain, while you’d be sharing the slopes with the snowboard legend Travis Rice. You’ll be kept on your toes throughout the whole game, as obstacles, new tricks and gear will come in your way to upgrade your skills and build camps in the hyper-realistic scenery of the British Columbian mountains in Alaska.

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