Best Tips for Winning the Canadian Lotto

For over 30 years, Lotto 6/49 has been operating in Canada and it offers thousands of payouts on a weekly basis and these range from $50 to wins amounting to millions of dollars, if you are a lucky jackpot winner. The minimum jackpot is approximately $5 million, which is substantial to say the least. Over the years, people have started playing the Lotto 6/49 online at websites like that enable them to participate from their home and find out if they have won or not. Canadians also have the option of going to the local vendor for purchasing the ticket and winning numbers are drawn every Saturday and Wednesday. A guaranteed price of $1 million is also paid out in every draw.

It is a fact that lotteries involve choosing random numbers, but the truth is that there are some patterns that can increase your chances of winning. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to read up on the best tips outlined below that can improve your odds of winning the Canadian lotto:

  • Patterns

The most important tips that can increase your odds of winning the lottery jackpot is the selection of numbers. Most of the time, the numbers drawn are random, but there are certain patterns that you will notice in these randomly-drawn numbers as well. Paying attention to the probabilities is highly recommended by lottery advisors. If you are able to identify a pattern that occurs regularly, it will automatically give you a better chance of winning the lottery if you decide to play that pattern.

  • High and Low Numbers

If you take a look at the winning numbers, you will notice that they are spread over the whole number field. There is a range for every lottery and the range of the Canadian lottery is from 1 to 49. Some of the successful players who participated in the lottery at Lottosend or through traditional route selected their numbers by understanding that if the number field is divided in half, it will give a high half and a low half. This means that the low half comprises of 1 to 25 and the high half includes 26 to 49 in the Canadian Lotto. Make sure you opt for numbers that are mix of both halves.

  • Even and Odd Numbers

It is recommended that your number choices should be evenly balanced between even and odd numbers. It is quite rare for all even or all odd numbers to be drawn. It happens only 1 percent of the time, which means that you will lose 99 percent of the time. The more balance you have between your odd and even numbers, the more your odds of winning will improve. It is suggested by experts and advisors that a combination or 3 odd numbers and 4 even numbers or 4 odd numbers and 3 even numbers should be used as it occurs in almost 60 percent of the lottery draws.

  • Balance your Game

Select your numbers and then calculate their sum. The sum of the numbers you have selected should fall between the range of 117 and 210. Almost 70 percent of the jackpots that have been given out in the Canadian 6/49 Lotto have comprised of numbers that fell in this range when added together. There is another pattern, which indicates that lottery numbers repeat from game to game. Almost 59 percent of the time, the numbers drawn will have at least one number of the previous draw. Think about picking one of the lottery numbers from those of the previous draw.

  • Number Groupings

Probable winning numbers can also be identified by checking the list of past successes. Most websites like that help you to buy tickets and play the Canadian Lotto 6/49 online, among other lotto games around the world can provide you with statistics and other information about past results and wins too. When you study the numbers, you will notice that one or more of the number groups don’t occur that much. By checking the number groups, you will know exactly the ones you should ignore and the ones on which you should focus your efforts because they are more likely to win.

  • Lottery Wheels

A number of people depend on the lottery wheel system that enables you to bet on a large group of numbers. Once you have the group of numbers, you can then use scientific combinations of that group for identifying a particular minimum win guarantee. As the number group is large, you will be guaranteed to win at least one prize if even some of all the winning numbers fall in the group you chose.

  • Hot Hand Picks

It is interesting to note that numbers that haven’t been chosen for four games or less actually turn out to be half of the winning numbers in the next draw. As for numbers that haven’t been selected for approximately ten games or less comprise of about 80 percent of the winning numbers chosen for the next draw. You can use this pattern to figure out the hot hand number picks. However, it is also recommended that at least one long shot number should be added to your number choice. You should remember that just because a number hasn’t been chosen in the last ten draws doesn’t guarantee that it will be chosen this time around.

  • Pool your Resources

Lottery pools actually make up a significant percentage of lottery winners in Canada. A lottery pool basically involves a bunch of people who all pool their money as well as their money together for playing the lottery online or with a local vendor. You can read reviews about these types of online services such as Lottosend at the website and see which services rank best. The tips of choosing the numbers are same as that of individual players, playing in a pool gives you an advantage in the form of a bigger budget as the cost of the tickets is divided amongst the participants. Chances of winning are higher this way, even if you have to share the prize if you do win the jackpot.

Use the suggested tips at or when purchasing lottery tickets at a store and you just might end up winning the prize.

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