Survive a dystopian future by spying on your neighbours in PS4’s Beholder: Complete Edition, out 16th January

Hi! I’m George Morgan, Product Manager for Curve Digital, and I’m here to tell you all about our new title called Beholder Complete Edition, which lands on PlayStation Store on 16th January, 2018 (I know, it’s nearly 2018!)

Beholder Complete Edition is a tactical strategy game set in a dystopian future, where you’ll play as a landlord in a totalitarian State. There are rules for everything, and any violation can see you put into prison, or beaten up by the police. For instance, are you wearing jeans right now? Well, in this State, wearing or owning jeans is against State rules, so to prison with you!


To do your job, you’ll need to spy on your tenants, watch their every move, eavesdrop on their conversations, talk to their neighbours, even break into their apartments to set cameras up and search through their belongings, all to ensure that the State is kept happy and you don’t end up like the last landlord that held the keys to the castle (we won’t say what happened to that landlord, but if you want to find out, all the DLC is included in the bundle! All of it!).


Once you’ve got the details you need, you’ll need to profile your tenant for the State, ensuring that everything you’ve found is noted down. Does your tenant enjoy a drink? Do they like a game of chess when they get back from a long day at work? All the little details are important, because if a profile is filed to the State and it’s incorrect, you’ll be penalized for not handing over all the information!


“But George, what if I really like my tenant!” I hear you cry, well fear not, you don’t always have to tell the State everything , and you can hold back information in exchange for a little blackmail money (everyone needs to make a profit somehow) should you need, but keep in mind that your tenants are people too, and pushing people too far might cause them to snap.

Only you can choose what to do. With all your choices having consequences, doing the right thing might be the hardest thing to do. Check Beholder Complete Edition out when it lands on PlayStation store on 16th January, 2018!

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