Is League of Legends Dying?

If you browse the internet for long enough you’re bound to find a post or two about why League of Legends is dying. And often times these posts will have plenty of people jumping on the bandwagon down in the comment section.

We don’t recommend you listen to people who make posts like this, as they’ve probably had their favorite champion nerfed and need to vent. So, we’re here to take a look at the hard facts and determine once and for all whether or not League of Legends is dying.

More Players Than Ever Before

This seems obvious, right? The best way to tell if a game is doing well is to look at the amount of people who play it.

Back in 2011 League of Legends had an active monthly member base of around 11.5 million players. This is a respectable amount by anyone’s definition, but it gets better – Now in 2017 that number has shot up to over 100 million, which is absolutely insane!

You could argue that many people play without spending much money, or that many of those accounts are actually smurfs. Then again, most people prefer to buy a League of Legends account over smurfing themselves anyway. Plus, if my empty wallet is any indication, Riot are definitely still raking in the cash.

Popularity on Twitch

When your game is popular enough that hundreds of people can make their living through streaming, you must be doing something right! 27 thousand people are watching Michael ‘imaqtpie’ Santana stream at the time of writing this, a number which will go up later in the day.

That’s 27 thousand people watching one guy play a game in the hopes that they will learn how to improve. Few games have the dedicated playerbase that League of Legends has, which is one of the reasons it’ll be around for years to come!

The Tournaments

It’s no secret that League of Legends dominates the eSports scene, giving away millions of dollars each year as prizes. The question is, how many people tuned in to view the World Championship Series this year compared to previous Seasons?

Well, back in 2014 the World Finals received 27 million unique viewers! A jaw dropping number, but it pales in comparison to the 43 million people who watched it in 2017.

It’s hard to argue a game is dying when its viewership numbers surpassed such sporting events as the Super bowl. Plus, it’s clear how it’s popularity has grown with famous singers performing at Championship events.

Still it’s undoubtable that a couple of people out there will argue that League of Legends is on the way out.

Its Closest Competitor

The MOBA genre is relatively young, but following League of Legend’s success we have seen many similar games spring up. That being said, its closest competitor has been around for some time.

Dota 2 is a game that needs no introduction. And since some legendary flame wars have erupted over it, I’m going to avoid giving my opinion on which is better. It is without a doubt the top game when it comes to giving League a run for its money. However, in recent months its player base has dwindled slightly. Still, no matter how many players it gets, League of Legends isn’t going anywhere soon!

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