12 expert tips to help you survive frantic PS VR action game Shooty Fruity, out today

The world’s first manic blend of scanning, serving, packing and shooting has arrived on PlayStationVR, only possible with two PS Move controllers.

We’ve held back a ton of unannounced features until now, including a brand-new job packing produce in the warehouse, more ridiculous ballistics, a bullet-time style power up, and added more variety to the fruit bowl (including flying bananas…)

Additionally, we’ve got a store full of useful tips to help you on your steps into the world of Shooty Fruity!


We have a new job for you! Head to the Super Mega Mart warehouse to pack the right produce down the chutes and send them on their way once you complete an order. Whilst fending off mad fruit hiding behind the boxes, obviously.

Shooty Fruity

Newly revealed weapons

Explosive additions to your arsenal include a Gatling gun and rocket launcher – but you’ve got to earn them as they are ludicrously powerful.

Shooty Fruity

Recently spotted in an aisle near you

Bunches of grapes team up against you by getting close and shooting themselves directly at your face. Coming in both green and red varieties, you can spot their stalk corpses lying around the store if you manage to get them first.

Shooty Fruity

Got the work blues? The blueberries are here to wreck your shirt. Tiny, agile and arrives in groups but easily squishable.

Tips & Tricks

We know not everyone is a gun-toting, scanning multitasking maniac by nature, so we’ve pulled together some tips and tricks to help get you through your shift.

1. Use both hands

A lot of newbies tend to forget they possess two entirely independent hands, so you can scan and shoot, shoot and shoot, scan and scan – whatever works best for you!

2. Collateral damage

Destroy your environment to get a better line of sight for oncoming fruit. (Just don’t tell the manager we said that)

Shooty Fruity

3. A tidy workspace for a tidy mind

Ignoring the pulpy explosions and general madness in the store, keeping your counter tidy will mean you won’t end up trying to shoot an enemy with a can of beans.

4. Multitask

Try not to focus on one task more than the other. You might get distracted by the hordes of fruit, but you’ll quickly be outgunned if you avoid your duties.

Shooty Fruity

5. Be a ballistic hoarder

All those guns floating past your head may come in useful later. Grab them early and leave them to one side using the conveniently placed shelves.

6. Don’t let them blindside you

Some fruit will sneak around the sides and attack from out of sight.

Shooty Fruity

7. Be a high achiever and attempt a skillshot

Get bonus points by shooting your enemy from far away or in mid-air. Go for broke and get multiple kills in one go.

Scanning at the checkout

8. Scan multiple items

If your workload is piling up, drop the guns and scan with both hands to get things moving again.

Fulfilling food orders in the canteen

9. Supersize by scooping
Consumerism at its finest, get a higher score by piling food on the trays using your open hands as scoopers.

Shooty Fruity

Packing chutes in the warehouse

10. Bail
If you can’t find the right produce and want to move on, pull the lever and you’ll get a new

11. Not sure what heat to pack?

We’ve got some loadout ideas to suit your playstyle but experiment and see what works best for you:

  • Close shave – 3 shotguns (Ginelli Pump Action, Dunderbuster Mk2 and Feckler 500) and the C4 Launcher
  • Gun Slinger – Just the Biff and Jetson .44 or the Dessert Fox .45 Revolver
  • Demolition Time! – All Explosive weapons
  • The Big Guns – Spratling ‘Chain gang’ Special Assault Rifle and the Stockard 19

Shooty Fruity is out now on PlayStation VR! Join our nDreams PS VR Community on PSN to share scores, have the chance to be featured as our employee of the month and to ask the community team any questions.

For more Shooty Fruity, check out an overview on our website, find us on Facebook and Twitter, reach us via our dedicated subreddit and find the latest trailers and videos on YouTube.

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