Get OSRS the Smart Way

You can buy Old School RuneScape Gold from other players with real money, which isn’t new. The trade between in-game currencies for actual money has been happening for years. In buying OSRS Gold, we have some tips that you might want to know.

Tips in Buying OSRS Gold

First, you have to take into consideration in buying OSRS Gold with real money is the safety. Safe purchase means that when you give your money, it’s complete assurance that you will get the right amount of gold and fair trade happens. There lots of scammers out there trying to snatch your dollars with no intention of giving you any gold. This is where trading websites come into play. Player to player (P2P) sites take pride in their security process, and assurances like money back guarantee with Customer Support. These popular RMT (real money trading) platforms also boast their trustworthy sellers by keeping track and reward honest sellers, while banning scammers.

Prices vary in different RMT portals. Usually, gold sellers themselves dictate the dollars per gold. Prices go low if the site has many sellers in OSRS and the supply is higher than the demand. Keep an eye on multiple websites, perhaps three trustworthy RMT sites, on their prices to get more gold out of your money.

Getting Banned

Buying OSRS Gold from a third-party source is technically bad, and Jagex is frowning upon that. They know about it and will punish those who get caught (that’s the thing, IF you will be caught, and that doesn’t mean you can’t). After all, buying OSRS Gold will make things easier in the game since you will have financial freedom. Here are some tips to lessen the chances of you getting banned:

  • Make sure to trade something to the gold seller. It doesn’t matter, but preferably a low-end item to mask the trade as a legit trade and not RMT. Who knows, the player (seller) might agree to give you millions of gold for that mediocre item (*wink* *wink*).


  • You might have an idea to create another character in another account just solely because of RMT, and if there’s an account to ban, it’s your mule account. It’s better to trade with your primary account. The game considers trades from non-leveled characters suspicious. For sure, the character in your main account is trained and leveled. When the transaction happens there, it will be more unsuspicious.


  • Trade in populated places and worlds. It’s harder to detect your activity when there are lots of things going on in the area.

To sum things up, be vigilant in dealing with every step of real money trading. Read everything carefully and make smart moves. Good luck and congratulations in being rich in Old School RuneScape!

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