The Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games

With astounding visuals and incredible smoothness, these games are the ones you need to get in order to make the most of your Xbox One X console.

It is the most powerful console ever made, and although that may be a wonderful tagline in terms of marketing, it really does mean that it is one of the finest ways in which you can play console games.

Upgrading to the Latest Tech is Worthwhile

4K HDR televisions are proving it is worth your while to upgrade to the latest technology for TVs, and the Xbox One X is the ideal way to ensure you are receiving the greatest gaming experience.

This console plays all the same games than its less powerful predecessors do, both on this platform and on others like PlayStation, but these are all receiving One X updates that enrich them with updated visuals and a host of other benefits you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Experience how Amazing Assassin’s Creed Origins Can Be

Assassin’s Creed Origins gets an incredible One X update, complete with HDR support, 4K visuals, and some terrific temporal anti-aliasing, which is used to achieve superior smoothness, and means that is the best looking by far of Microsoft’s hardware.

Find Out how Fabulous Forza Motorsport 7 Is

Strangely, Forza Motorsport 7 was released before the Xbox One X, despite it being the new console’s flagship exclusive. With the One X update installed, however, the racing simulator goes from being a very good-looking game to a mind-bogglingly beautiful one! Any jagged edges have been ironed out, and there is a smoothness to its 60fps gameplay that you will not be able to get on many other console game titles. The HDR effects really pop, and it makes its long list of tracks a real globetrotting delight. There is not much else that can compare.

Heat Things Up with Hitman

Hitman has received one of the finest One X updates out there. Not only will you be able to choose between 4K visuals at 30fps or 1440p at 60fps, the developers of this classic game of stealth, IO Interactive, has also been working hard to improve the game’s overall look. This game has enjoyment many incantations, and there is even an online pokies NZ version created by Microgaming. Safe to say though, its Xbox version is exceptional.

When you compare this version to last year’s rather vanilla release you will notice improved texture work and better lighting models that allow for the game’s six bounteous, sprawling levels to spring to life. Thanks to HDR, Hitman now makes for one of the best and most detailed games in terms of looks and play available on this platform.

Have Some Fun with Halo 5

Despite Halo 5 being the go-to exclusive shooter game for Microsoft, it was far from the best looking game when it was released a couple of years back. Concessions were made, obviously, in order to get the game running as faultlessly as it did. On the Xbox One X, however, these concessions are no longer around, and you will be enjoying the result that feels like the decisive way to play Halo 5. It is brighter, more vibrant, and the visuals are presented with a level of clarity that has simply never been seen on Xbox base hardware, and it still runs seamlessly.

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