The State Of The Nintendo Switch at the End of 2017

For all of the hype that the video game industry has been putting out there regarding the latest and greatest ground breaking tech, it is still rare that a device comes along that actually does break new ground. In the spate of just nine months, however, the Nintendo Switch has done exactly that. The world of games actually feels different now than it did just 12 months ago!

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The Mystery of NX

In the summer of 2016, the product codenamed NX, what we now know as the Switch, was simply a tantalising mystery. This year it as familiar as an old friend!

It was a fast and furious ride from then to now: the midsummer reports that NX was a hybrid setup/portable console, followed by the official unveiling by Nintendo in October, to the launch, which took place in March this year seemed to pass in a frenzy.

The Hardware Makes all the Difference

The Nintendo Switch is made up of one of the most complex pieces of hardware for gaming that is available in the world right now. It is a far cry from the staid boxes sold by Nintendo’s competition: the Switch can be slotted, ejected, dismantle, and even propped up on a kickstand, and so provides a wealth of configurations for you to enjoy. It is certainly a beguiling device, even if it is also one with an unusually high amount of moving parts that are subject to breaking.

Frequent Use has Players Overlooking Issues

The fact that Switch owners make use of their devices so often, and have so much fun doing so, has made it easier for them to overlook the lingering shortcomings and issues the hardware suffers from.

Of course they haven’t vanished: there is no support available for Bluetooth headsets, for example.

The stand located on the system’s back is flimsy, and the screen is held at an awkward angle as a result. The fact that the charging port is located beneath the screen means you can’t stand the screen up while the Switch is plugged in, and the Joy-Con thumbsticks are little on the short side. It is actually ridiculous that the Joy-Con grip that Nintendo includes with the console can’t charge the mini-controllers, either.

The Switch’s Game Library is Very Strong

The game library for the Switch started out unusually strong, thanks to the availability of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, arguably one of the finest console launch-games ever. With that game in the rear-view mirror, the safe money bet said that Nintendo would lose momentum and suffer the sort of scattered, arid first year that most new gaming consoles are prey to.

That wager would not have won, however. Nintendo once more bucked tradition, and ensured that the Switch library kept steadily expanding the entire year, with at least one big new exclusive game being released every month or so, along with a very healthy amount of high-quality ports of third-party games.

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