Recording Videos from Games with Movavi Game Recorder

Would you like to record a video from one of the games that you’re playing? If you’re particularly skilled at the game you may want to show off some of your moves, or maybe create useful walkthroughs and tutorials to help others. On the other hand you may just be interested in saving some content from within the game, such as an amazing cut scene or pivotal moment.

Although you may have steered clear of recording in-game videos in the past because it seems so complicated, it is actually a lot easier than you probably think. In fact with Movavi Game Recorder you can set up and start to record games in a matter of minutes – at most.

Before you next play your game, launch Movavi Game Recorder. In the interface you’ll see two tabs – ‘Capture’ and ‘Video’. The ‘Capture’ tab is used to adjust the recording parameters, and you should set the ‘Capture mode’ to ‘Game’ then use the icons to enable or disable audio recording from the ‘System Audio’ or ‘Microphone’, or video recording via your webcam.

If you opt to record video from a webcam while recording your game, you should open up the ‘Settings’. In the ‘General’ tab of the settings you can decide whether to save the video from the webcam separately or not, and in the ‘Webcam’ tab you can set it to overlay on your in-game footage and control the size, position, resolution and frame rate when it does.

That is all that you need to do as far as the recording parameters are concerned, and you can then go to the ‘Video’ tab in Movavi Game Recorder and set up the video settings. In particular you will want to adjust the resolution and frame rate, and keep in mind that the higher they are the larger the file size of the video.

Once you’ve set all that up you can run your game and start recording at any time by pressing ‘F10’ to start or stop, and ‘F9’ to pause. In the upper-left corner of your screen there’ll be a caption that is green at first, but turns red while Movavi Game Recorder is recording.

After you stop recording, Movavi Game Recorder will automatically save the video based on the settings that you specified earlier. If you want you can keep playing, and start recording another clip from your game.

All in all Movavi Game Recorder should make recording in-game footage a lot easier, and its features will let you create exactly the kind of gameplay videos you want. If you ever wanted to share your achievements, show off your skills or save anything from your game – this is the best way to start.

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