Why Gaming and Vaping is the perfect combo!

Playing while smoking is expensive. Light up, puff, set your cigarette in the ashtray, pick up the burned up butt, light up another cigarette. Sound familiar? It’s pretty mournful to look down at a butt with inches of unbroken ash on the end.

E-cigarettes don’t burn up if you set them down, you just have to remember to blow clouds away from the screen so that you don’t miss a shot. It certainly beats your cigarette burning up in an ashtray.

Gaming and vaping has turned out to be the perfect combo, with groups of like-minded gaming vapers hooking up online and chatting all things gaming and vaping. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship when you find others with the same sideline.

Endless debates are on the forums out there – what vapes and flavours do you use while gaming and with what games and consoles? Self-proclaimed gaming and vaping geek groups get gloriously techy about vaping and gaming together side-by-side.  Indeed, many gaming debates have started in vaping lounges and vice versa.

Here are a few reasons why this perfect hook-up has come about:

The lure of new tech

Community is at the heart of the vaping/gaming combo, all drawn in by a passion for advancement in technology. Tech-savvy people in the vaping community are interested in the science and personalisation that goes into vaping, similar to those in gaming who like the tech behind the consoles and are always looking to modify and update.

Nothing can come between you

Vaping doesn’t interrupt your play. You will no longer need to go outside to smoke, which is so 2000s – it’s safe to say that you will be the only one standing outside shivering in all weathers while your friends play the games newly released over the holiday season. It’s perfectly OK to vape inside and your non-vaping friends won’t care as there is no dangerous second-hand exposure to smoke. It’s a win-win!

Look mum, no hands!

Light a cigarette and you are committed to smoking it all the way through which is more than frustrating if you are in the middle of an intense gaming session. Yet if you put your cigarette down in an ashtray, it burns out. If you vape, you can take a hit while you’re on loading screens – it’s a no-brainer.

Your kinship

Gamers have a strong sense of comradeship, bonding through conventions and fandoms, similar to vaping communities who alert each other to new flavours and the latest device. Vapers are constantly challenging vaping companies to better their products with bigger clouds and improved flavours and the companies are listening to their fans. It’s always a buzz to find people who think like you do. Get together and play together.

Keep on moving

Mobile gamers prefer the flexibility of vaping. Some vape companies are adding touch screens with games hidden in their menus, so you will be able to have a quick game installed in your vapouriser to keep your thumbs busy while you’re on the move.


If you are a self-confessed gaming geek, it is also likely that you are a sucker for gaming lore references. Many popular vape mods and e-liquids are named after iconic games. The cup overfloweth when it comes to talking about vapes and flavours. See, these vapers are your people!

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