Playstation 4 Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Four PS4 Releases You Need To Play in 2018

A new year means one thing for PS4 gamers everywhere- a new roster of wildly anticipated game titles that are due for release. There are some huge releases in store, from games that have been in the making for what feels like an eternity to titular titles that have the potential of becoming new classics. Here’s our list of highly anticipated games to play on PS4 in 2018., and each one is sure to be as exciting as the slots NZ has to offer!

  1. God of War

There are loads of specific reasons to be excited about the return of God of War. Of course there’s Kratos, his epic beard which looks like it could take down most of the old series bosses on its own, the new Nars setting, as well as the fact that the game is shaping up at a whopping 30 hours of play time. For fans, the most compelling reason is that it’s simply more God of War, one of Playstation’s biggest and most popular titles ever produced. The latest offering of the iconic series combines a mix of slick combat, visually stunning 3D settings and unadulterated fury, which have been showcased from the ground up on PS4. Not to mention that it is also the first time we’ve seen a different side to Kratos from the limb-tearing embodiment of anger and vengeance to the emotionally driven journey of him being a father to his accompanying son.

  1. Dragon Ball Fighters Z

Said to offer the same fighting experience as we’ve seen in the shows, Dragon Ball Fighters Z boasts crisp, vibrant colours, faster than the eye can detect punch flurries, as well as all the outrageous combos we’ve come to know and love. You’ll find a packed character roster that includes all your favourites. You can expect smooth, slick animation alongside action-packed gameplay and eye-popping finishes- this PS4 release is one that any self-respecting DBZ fan cannot afford to miss.

  1. Vampyr

Announced at E3 2017, the hotly anticipated Vampyr is slated for release this year. This supernatural action RPG is set in a Gothic, early 20th century London was developed by the studio responsible for Life if Strange and Remember Me. The vampiric protagonist, Jonathan Reed is a doctor who is driven by his desire to aid the sick while also fighting off his bloodthirsty urge to eat people. In this semi-open world, you’ll be able to explore neighbourhood hubs and investigate the population, deciding whether to feast on the wicked or help the ill by forgoing a meal.

  1. Far Cry 5

To the delight of Far Cry die-hards, Far Cry 5 is filled with everything fans love about the Far Cry series. In its latest form, this open-world FPS takes place in the American north-west. In fictional Hope County, Montana we encounter a maniac preacher named Joseph Seed who controls Eden’s Gate which has a stranglehold on the town. Your mission is to work with local freedom fighters to liberate Hope from the religious zealotry and intimidation of Seed’s heavily armed militia. Ubisoft’s Far Cry promises all the action-packed gameplay that the Far Cry series has become known for.

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