The debate between these three gaming giants continues

Over the last two decades video gaming has exploded and evolved and continues to change and improve and is one of the fastest growing developments in the technological industry. Gaming has found its way onto the global market in a big way and almost every home has a console and almost everyone owns a smartphone or some sort of device. Over the last 10 years gaming has split into three categories, PC, mobile and console.

Handheld games seem to be on the decrease and gaming applications are constantly increasing. A study done on portable gaming showed that Google Play’s earnings have surpassed those of handheld gaming devices. Also found in this study is that iOS and Google Play together have earned revenue which is almost four times more than handheld gaming. iPhone and Android have succeeded in pushing out devices like Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS with their easy to access content, powerful software and readily available internet access.

Mobile Gaming

Even though the console industry can still ask $60 for the latest gaming title, games like Candy Crush Saga has successfully reached millions of people mainly because it is offered as a free game. PC gamers also have access to free games such as Jewel Quest but it is more difficult for console gamers to find great gaming titles which are supported by adverts or micro transactions. Mobile gaming has welcomed ad based earnings and micro transactions in a way that console gaming is unable to and this has succeeded in creating a very powerful mobile gaming market. The games are inexpensive and produce great returns quickly and the returns are large with very little support from the company after the game is launched.

Even though PC and mobile games like online Roulette NZ are more readily available and have seen much success, console gaming does have advantages over mobile gaming. Because of the nature of phones most of the mobile games are simple puzzle type games or easy to play such as Words with Friends. Console gamers are usually serious gamers and are more interested in complex games and games that offer high quality graphics, sound and animation. A good example is a comparison between Candy Crush and Grand Theft Auto, clearly there is no comparison.

PC and Console Gaming

Mobile gaming is definitely on the increase but currently it does not compare to console and PC gaming. PC and console gaming has been around for many more years and has become well-established. Gaming developers will spend many years and put in lots of hard work and revenue to develop gaming titles like Grand Theft Auto V because they know once the game is launched that the return on their investment will far outshine what they have put in. After Grand Theft Auto V was released the developer received revenue which can be compared to the earnings of a blockbuster movie. 29 Million copies of the game were sold and more than a billion dollars of revenue was recorded.

Mobile gaming revenue has also reached the million mark and by now far over that, they still do not have the capability of producing games that have become household names such as The Elder Scrolls or Grand Theft Auto. Mobile gaming may be in the lead when it comes to handheld gaming, but PC and console gaming is here to stay.

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