Very Expensive DOTA 2 Skins

Below you are going to find the list of really rare skins for Dota 2. Note that if you have found such a skin you can feel really lucky and sell it if you want to. You can also exchange it in Steam or even leave on your account. However, there is a question that rises immediately – do you really need to keep an item that costs hundreds of dollars?

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Alpine Stalker’s Set – $500

The set for an Ursa bear which consists of four objects is one of the most expensive skins in the game. However, it has become really valuable only recently. Right at the beginning it was the most usual and very inexpensive set. Shortly it has been removed because of discrepancy. Although the removal did not last long, it was enough to make this skin one of Immortal class. After return the price of a set increased abruptly.

The set’s appearance resembles the cowboy’s suit. High cost is caused by its rarity: there are only 260 items of such a clothing. Now the cost of one skin item makes 100 — 150 keys, therefore, all set will cost at least 400 keys which makes it one of the most valuable sets in the game.

Demon Shard Sword – Up to $650

Very rare subject that belongs to one of the highest categories — the Mythical category. It is unique because of the changed fire animation, besides it has quality of Genuine. It is in really scarce supply, and thus it is very expensive as the price fluctuates from 200 to 500 keys. Initially it goes together with Demon Edge sword.

The Defense Season 2 War Dog – Up to $1000

Very rare bagatelle that belongs to the courier’s type. There are only 140 such items. The rarity is caused by the fact that it is a specially developed variation for those who subscribed for the second season of a The Defense tournament. The skin was inspired by the Endurance War Dog. In fact, it differs from the ordinary courier because of its rarity.

The skin is of high class Ancient quality and also has Elder feature. Also it has two gems: Prismatic Defensive Red and Triumph of Champions.

Platinum Baby Roshan – Up to $1300

This character is one more courier that turns out among leaders due to what can be called an extremely rarity: it was promoted as an award in the 2013 event devoted to Helloween. Only ten record-holder players have got this creature by the number of the killed Roshans during the day. There are only 120 pieces in the world today. Platinum Baby Roshan is equipped with quality of Immortal and Unusual property. Also there are two build-in gems: Midas Gold and Ionic Vapor.

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