Woodle Tree Adventures Review

Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe is a 3D adventure platformer created by Chubby Pixel. With its unique art style, therapeutic music and foraging tasks, it’s a great game for a rainy Sunday afternoon that stimulates your curiosity to explore and discover.

The aim of the game is to bring water to the thirsty world by collecting magical droplets of water, a task which is bestowed upon you by the elder tree. As Woodle, you collect, explore and venture into the 8 different worlds. Each world reflects a different season or environment and contains 3 magical droplets.

Collecting the berries within the worlds, helps to upgrade your equipment and unlock new worlds to explore. Once you begin your quest, you are given two items, a rucksack for collecting items and a magic leaf to defend yourself against enemies. Deaths will put you back to the start of the level so watch out for enemies, slippy ledges and waterfalls.

Woodle Tree Adventures is a single player, one mode game with lots of character. Upon the Nintendo Switch, the game is playable in TV, table top and handheld mode. It’s unique art style is reminiscent of Tearaway or Yoshi’s Wooly World, emulating real textures but in a more graphically manipulated style. Its cartoon inspired design will attract you into exploring the world within the game. Cute animals and characters, such as turtles, cats and elves, fill the world and add to the environments around them.

Similarly, the musical compositions within the game are very dainty and therapeutic, composed of classical instruments with an electronic overtone. The sound effects of Woodle himself help to add to the nature of his cute character and emphasize his actions. Other characters and enemies within the game also have cute and quirky sound effects.

Its controls are simple enough for even children to get to grips with as you control Woodle to run, jump and swing through the world. The only issue would be the camera controls. Whilst playing, you can only zoom in and out towards Woodle and this effects your ability to maneuver easily around some of the trickier platforming areas of the game. However, this does tend to fix itself if you zoom far enough in or out. These camera angles and their lack of movability can lead to a lot of unnecessary deaths which can become quite frustrating, if you are put all the way back at the beginning of the level.

Woodle Tree Adventures is an easy but challenging game. The concept and controls of the game is easy to grasp. Deaths within the level set you back a little but unlike other games, your progress with collecting the items within the level is not effected. So, younger gamers, who might not be as experienced with platformers or 3D exploration games, don’t need to worry about losing their items and progress.

The game itself has more replay value for children as it is a quick and easy game to play. However, the more experienced gamers are less likely to replay the game once completing it due to its linear plot and tasks. Game speedrunners may find this to be an interesting game to play as the game can easily be completed in an hour or two and therefore, maybe able to get more replay value out of it.

In conclusion, Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe is a cute and quirky game that is ideal for any night in. It’s a quick and easy game that challenges and entertains the player, that is child friendly and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Woodle adds a nice twist to adventure platforming and is less intense than others. You can explore the worlds at your own pace and explore the areas however you want to.  The camera controls take some getting used to but once you master them, it’s a fun and relaxing game and can easily be completed in one sitting.

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