Newly announced Soul Calibur VI fighters detailed in action-packed trailer, character profiles

After an exciting announcement at The Game Awards and deeper look into Sophitia and Mitsurugi at PSX, we’re back with the announcement of four characters in Soul Calibur VI! If you’ve somehow managed not to read this article’s title, discover who are joining the roster below in our latest trailer.

That’s right: Nightmare, Kilik and Xianghua are returning to the stage of history, and newcomer Grøh makes his debut!


Nightmare is back. Appearing from out of shadows like the advent of nightfall, this barbaric knight reaps the souls of the living as if they were mere stalks of corn. His name came to represent fear and desperation to all who heard it. Those who found out that the rumours were true, that he was no fairytale villain, would be struck down in a single blow before they could even open their mouths to scream.

Nightmare is wielding the legendary Soul Edge once again. The Soul Edge takes the form of its “vessel’s” preferred weapon—in this case, the Zweihänder. This is so it can push its owner’s power to the limit to better claim the blood and souls it craves.



Chai Xianghua the traveling artist from Beijing and her Chinese Sword return to mesmerise her opponents! Her personal style relies less on taking her opponent down with head-on attacks and more on feints—landing a decisive blow only after her opponent has left an opening for her to exploit. The beauty and deadly grace of her movements can make it seem that she is dancing with her sword, and can captivate even her opponents.



Fan-favorite Kilik and his weapon the Kali-Yuga are ready to take center stage once more. Kilik was the chosen successor of Kali-Yuga, but everything changed with the Evil Seed. The rod’s divine ability to absorb any power turned out to be a fatal flaw; it absorbed massive amounts of dark energy from the Evil Seed, which threatened to corrupt the artifact—and Kilik with it.

To this day, Kali-Yuga still holds within it the fearsome potential to become a second Soul Edge. An artifact to keep the evil power in check, the Dvapara-Yuga was given to Kilik by a young woman named Xianglian, whom he’d trained with for most of his life. Xianglian was like a sister to Kilik, but in a cruel twist of fate, he was forced to kill her with his own hands… Be sure to watch the trailer right until the last seconds to get a glimpse of Kilik in his more evil form!



Finally, welcome Grøh, the Agent in Black and our first character from the Nordics! With his twinblade named Aerondight Replica, he’s ready to take on the other Soulcalibur characters with his Aval Twinblade swordmanship!

The mysterious Aval Organization was a secret group with origins rooted in ancient times. They say the group came to be when a king used the spirit sword to defeat its cursed counterpart, and with his dying breath, entrusted them with both the blade and his unfinished mission. Each new generation has taken on the group’s mission to rid the world of “Outsiders”—those connected with the cursed sword.

One such member was Grøh, about whom little is known save for that he was a fearsome warrior. Though his fighting style is shrouded in mystery, he is believed to have wielded two swords. Some also say he kept a certain technique close to his chest…


Soul Calibur VI is shaping up to be a legendary entry in the series, and we’ll be back soon enough with more announcements and information to tie you over until the release. Coming in 2018 on PlayStation 4.

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