What Does 2018 Hold For Online Gaming?

2017 turned out to be a rather revealing year for the online gaming industry. We saw the first true sign that bulky plug-and-play gaming consoles are slowly losing relevance, and that people feel a need for portability and interactivity. With the onset of 2018, we are now seeing big partnerships being negotiated between product manufacturers and game developers, and this can only come with good results. However, we are also seeing technology take a center stage in shaping the online gaming landscape.

Last year was the conceptualization of a great idea, but this year will see more action, more gamification and a clamor to incentivize players. Here is how 2018 is likely to pan out;

Virtual reality will take center stage

Online gaming is all about simulating the brick and mortar world. It is making the players conjure up memories of walking into auditoriums, war fields or casinos. The industry is doing pretty well with that, and this upward curve is only expected to grow steeper over time. VR glasses are a thing, and 3D visuals are becoming the staple of every player out there. In addition to VR hardware, developers are constantly looking for top Artificial Intelligence technologies to go with.

Players are becoming indispensable

Developers know that they need to attract and keep players. This might explain why there is a sudden rush to keep online gamers happy and indulged. This year will see the skyrocketing in relevance of features such as VIP rooms, which gamers have to register to but enjoy a whole lot of benefits. In addition to that, game manufacturers are coming up with all sorts of bonuses and related incentives in a bid to make sure that players stay grounded.

Cryptocurrency will bite away a huge chunk of fiat in online gaming

Digital currencies are here with us. It all started with online gaming places accepting bitcoin, which then led to another handful of digital currencies becoming a bona fide mode of buy-ins and withdrawals. Now, we have entire blockchains being built primarily for online gaming. A good example is the FunFair project, which allows pretty much anyone to build their own online casinos.

Online casinos are becoming a culture

Internet-based casinos are pulling in some serious crowds. People are drawn to the idea of doing what they would do on a casino floor right in their homes. Operators on the other hand are pulling all stops to make sure that people visit their sites. At the same time, authorities are working hard to ensure that operators follow the law and do not mislead would-be players in their advertisements. There are also efforts being made to ensure that adverting content does not entice minors. These changes are all welcome because they help the industry move forward, so you are still pretty well-covered, regardless of your slots or craps strategy.

Online gaming keeps improving, and 2018 will ring the changes as technology in the industry becomes more sophisticated. Over a billion people are playing now, and that number is set to receive a significant boost.

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