Mobile Slot Games: The Future of Online Casinos

Unless you started living off the grid decades ago, you are most likely to own a smartphone and know the impact these portable yet powerful devices have on our lives.

It’s no secret that mobile phones have become an integral part of our society. While communication and productivity are some of the areas in which they are readily used, entertainment in the form of mobile games isn’t far behind either. In fact, it’s estimated that mobile app stores offer about 800,000 types of mobile games today!

Whether you like sports games or RPG games, shooter games or puzzle games, the mobile platform has a lot to offer. But did you know you can also find hundreds of mobile casino games to play as well?

The Rise of Mobile Casinos

The mobile casino industry is not only quite old, it’s actually booming! Due to the convenience factor and an incredible game variety, mobile casinos are loved by gamblers around the world!

Although the mobile casinos offer all kinds of classic games such as Poker, Blackjack, etc. the slots, in particular, have the largest share of users. In fact, there are arguably more slots games than any other type of mobile casino games out there. But why is that?

The first thing to understand about the slots is that they are one of the simplest casino games that one can play. Unlike Poker or Blackjack, which require a certain level of strategy and skill, slots are easy to understand and enjoy. You don’t have to be an expert at gambling and neither do you need to go through a learning curve. This is the main reason why mobile slots are so popular.

However, to a take a closer look at the rising popularity of mobile slots and the possibility that it will rule the entire mobile gambling industry in the near future, the following are some other noteworthy factors: 

Themed Slots

Mobile slots have the highest amount of variety in the online casino genre. You can find a number of celebrity-themed slots including Jimi Hendrix, Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley, and even Ellen DeGeneres’s own Road to Riches slot!

You can also find a lot of variation in the themes of these slots- horror, adventure, music- you name it, they have it!


A $500 sign up bonus right off the bat, or 20 free spins how can someone ignore such amazing offers? But, these are exactly the type of mobile casino bonuses on offer. And this is the beauty of the mobile slots games!

The online casino industry has become so competitive that they are offering unbelievable bonuses and prizes. Believe it or not, the slots company NetEnt paid out €78 million ($93 million) in 2017 alone!

New Technologies

When we talk about mobile slots we also have to consider the technology behind it.

Of course, a large number of mobile slots are decent with good animations and graphics. However, the top mobile slots companies are taking it up a notch by making the use of new age technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, etc. to make online slots even more immersive and fun!

The mobile casino industry is growing with each passing day, and the mobile slots enjoy the biggest push due to their popularity and simplicity. If you love slots but don’t want to spend a lot of money and time in travel, then mobile slots are an amazing option that you can check out today! There is such a huge variety in this area that you will never run out quality slots to enjoy!

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