Gaming Desks Materials: Short Guide and Comparison


A high quality gaming desk is a necessity for any avid gamer as it provides the best placement and positioning of all gaming equipment and peripherals without compromising user safety and performance. Its durability is dictated by the quality of materials used to build it.

These materials should be solid and sturdy enough to ensure better stability, strength and resistance to elements that promote degradation. The most common materials used to make gaming desks and tables include steel, wood, glass, PVC and plastic.

Depending on the individual preferences, each of these materials is ideal for different gamers. Are you wondering how to choose the best gaming desk and which of these materials is perfect for you? Explained here are some of the main reasons why you should or should not choose gaming desks made of these materials. Also you can read comparison review like this – “Best Gaming Desks Available for 2018” and find best model for you.

Most modern gaming desks are made of stainless steel. This is the number one choice for gamers that want a more clean and contemporary, yet strong and solid feel in their gaming stations. Steel desks can be spray painted into whatever color you want, and this increases its durability and resistance to scratches. The desk can be made entirely of steel, but most of them usually incorporate other types of metals as well as rubber, plastic and glass in some of its parts. Given that steel is one of the strongest and most durable metals, most modern gaming tables are made of it.

-Strong and durable.
-Easy to maintain.
-Resistant to scratches, corrosion, rust and water damage.
-Most steel desks are adjustable thus easily stored and portable.
-Easily customizable.
-Most come in sections that are easy to assemble by locking into place or screwing.

-Quite heavy.
-If poorly finished, rough and sharp edges may add up as safety hazards.

Gamers who are looking for a warmer and more traditional look usually go for wooden designs. Hardwoods including cherry, walnut, oak and maple are the most common choices as they are strong and resistant to scratches and breakage. Wooden gaming tables usually come in different kinds of finishes, stains and colors from which you can choose. When shopping for a wooden gaming desk, ensure that the finishing is smooth and of high quality thus protecting it from scratches and moisture damage. Instead of hardwood, you may decide to go for desks made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), which includes compactly pressed pieces of hardwood and softwood, wax and resin to form a strong board. MDF gives a cleaner, classier and more modern appearance. Here are some of the pros and cons of owning a wooden gaming desk.

-Natural, warm and cool look.
-Easy to clean.
-Easy to maintain.
-Easy to repair/refurbish by simply sanding and resealing.
-Most of them come preassembled or in only one or two sections that are easy to piece together.
-Strong and durable especially if hardwood is used.

-Less portable.
-May be damaged by stains and water.

PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride and it is commonly referred to as vinyl. This material resembles plastic, but is stronger and more resistant to destructive elements. It is mostly used in the finishing of gaming desks, especially on the surface of the tabletop. It is actually the material that is used as an insulator in electric cables and water pipes. PVC may be customized into different colors and designs, with the most adored design prepared to resemble wood. Unlike wood, it is weather resistant and does not decompose which explains why it is frequently used in areas that are exposed to effects of different weather conditions. PVC is usually more rigid as compared to plastic, but it can be made more flexible by addition of plasticizers.

-Easy to maintain.
-Lightweight thus easily portable.
-Resistant to water damage thus does not decompose.
-Easy to clean.
-Better color retention as it is dyed while still in liquid form.
-Countless color options available.
-Resistant to rust and corrosion

-PVC makes weaker table frames.
-When cracked, the sharp edges may cause injuries.

Most gaming desks made of glass usually have a metallic frame for increased strength and support. In most cases, the glass material is often used on the tabletop. This offers a clear, cool and classy look that lets the gamer enjoy their beautiful gaming environment without having to move the table around. Most gamers that love glass desks belong to the rare species of people with class and elegance. Glass gaming tables will match most décor perfectly. If your furniture is of neutral colors and shapes, you will achieve the ideal simplistic interior design theme. You can actually play around with the transparency and color options. Some advantages and disadvantages of owning a glass gaming desk are listed below.

-Clear, clean and classy design.
-Easy to maintain.
-No need for further accessorizing such as adding a tablecloth.
-Resistant to stains and water damage.
-Lighter in terms of weight.

-Rectangular designs may lead to injuries especially if the edges are cracked or chipped.
-Prone to damage by heavy and sharp objects.
-Susceptible to breakage during transportation.

As observed from the gaming desks in the market, those made of plastic are actually the most affordable. Plastics are malleable, impervious to water, easy to manufacture and versatile, feature that have them being used in high quality gaming desks. Actually, PVC is sometimes considered as a plastic as they share most of their features but plastic is more flexible. Gaming tables made of plastic often come in endless color options and designs. However, you should be very careful so as not to choose a gaming desk that is made of flimsy plastic.

-Lightweight and easily portable and stored.
-Diverse color and design options.
-Better color retention as the plastic is dyed while still in liquid form.
-Easy to clean and disinfect.
-Impervious to water thus no moisture damage.
-Resistant to rust and corrosion.

-Flimsy plastics may crack and leave sharp edges that may cause injuries.
-Less durable as it cannot accommodate the wear and tear that comes with intense gaming.
-It is not the best choice for making gaming table frames.

When choosing the best gaming desk to invest in, durability is a matter of great importance. Not only will this determine the length of time you will be able to own your precious gaming table, but also how much wear and tear it can resist while maintaining perfect shape. A look at the best materials used in making these gaming desks exposes all the benefits as well as the downsides of each of these materials. After going through this, it takes a lot of comparing, contrasting and compromising before making the final decision on which one to choose. Regardless of your gaming needs or your budget, it is usually best to choose the gaming table made of materials that are durable, strong and high quality for the best gaming experience.

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