High versus low odds betting in horse racing

Whether you hold a keen interest in horse racing or only dabble in the key events on the sporting calendar, it’s a worthwhile sport to get involved in when it comes to betting, as there’s always scope for backing a low odds horse with solid form, or a highly priced outsider with potentially mouth-watering returns.

Luckily for a lot of newcomers to betting on horse racing, there’s some truly worthwhile outlets that provide free tips, backed up by reasoning, statistics and form, with The Winners Enclosure’s Daily Horse Racing Tips being a fine example of that. They’re always updating their various tips pages, with a view to providing a wide range of their own free picks on almost every possible race. They’ve even got an app too!

Something that newcomers need to choose between out of available free horse racing tips, like those seen on TWE, are which sorts of odds are the best to get behind. It’s the battle between high odds with low stakes or low odds with high stakes, and it makes sense to consider either possibility.

Horses with high odds

To the novice, high odds in horse racing are extremely appetising and open plenty of doors without feeling the need to go big or go home. Of course, gambling responsibly is the top priority, but there’s even less a need to wager high in order to be potentially rewarded with an enticing amount of returns if your horse comes out on top.

The odds being higher also makes it easier to get behind each way (E/W) if you’d rather not back a horse to win outright. That inevitably alters your bet down to 1/4th or 1/5th of the original bookmaker odds, depending on the bookmaker, but can be worthwhile if you do finish in the top three places.

When Cheltenham Festival or The Grand National finally get underway, it’s hard not to suddenly get interested in the sport of horse racing, even for those who are the least bit interested, but when odds of 20/1 or higher are available, it seems worth a small punt.

Horses with low odds

It comes as more of an experienced betting tactic, but even some punters who are just starting out are enticed by getting behind favourites with low odds. Obviously, as soon as the odds get to being ½ or lower, it begins to not look worth considering, but based on some incredible form and statistics, it’s easy to understand why certain favourites are worth looking at when they’re given prices of around EVENS.

One thing to remain in mind about betting on horses with low odds is not to get carried away and make sure to gamble responsibly as nothing is ever set in stone, not even the most reliable looking horse, with the strongest win and place ratio. Free horse racing tips are worth checking out, and plenty of them endorse a specific NAP each day, but before it usually takes a larger stake to get something worthwhile out of it, so it tends to more for the avid nag gambler who knows their limits inside and out.

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