Violent Video Games And Movies Blamed For School Shootings Again

Over the years, a lot of debate has been held regarding violent games and movies. This subject had died down during recent months, but it is back again thanks to the Florida shooting. This week, the Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, insisted that the government should take a closer look at violent video games and movies, instead of guns. His comments were delivered after seven people were killed in a high school in Parkland, Florida. There is no doubt that this debate will continue.

He Isn’t Alone

A lot of people would call Matt Bevin a quack. After all, America has been through this same conversation numerous times over the years. Unfortunately for gamers, Bevin isn’t alone. There are other Republicans that want to take a closer look at the impact of violent content once again. United States Representative Brian Mast from Palm City, Florida also pushed back against violence in movies and video games. He referred to these things as the “bigger pusher” of gun violence. He specifically spoke out against Call of Duty and the movie John Wick.

Bevin has a strange history. At one point, he went to a school in New England. At that school, children would bring guns in for show-and-tell. In fact, they would be in the kids’ lockers. Bevin believes that this is a sign that the problem isn’t guns. He believes it could be something else entirely.

No Real Evidence

The good news for gamers is that there is really no evidence leading virtual violence with physical violence. Playing games like Grand Theft Auto or Scary Maze isn’t going to make someone shoot up a school. Some studies do show a link, but those studies are outdated and no longer relevant. This was pointed out by Stetson University professor Christopher Ferguson. He has been studying violence in video games for more than a decade. In 2015, the American Psychological Association claimed that exposure to violent video games could make someone more aggressive. Nevertheless, the research is limited and not reliable.

Bevin insists he just wants to start a conversation. There is a good chance that is going to do that. However, he might wind up receiving more criticism than you would like.

Shifting The Blame

A lot of scholars and researchers believe that Republicans are simply trying to shift the blame. After the school shooting, a lot of people spoke out in favor of stricter gun laws. As a big supporter of the Republican party, the NRA doesn’t want this to happen. Therefore, the Republicans are potentially passing the buck to something else. A lot of people feel this way and most agree that violent video games aren’t the problem.

What Happens In The Future?

So, what is going to happen in the future? Will lawmakers crack down on violent video games? The answer is likely no. Video games are considered freedom of speech and they can also be a great educational tool. Therefore, there is a good chance that they’ll continue to be protected in the future. Instead, the debate will once again be placed back on guns.

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