Is A Computer Monitor Or TV Better For Modern Gaming

If you’re a modern gamer, you’re either playing on a computer monitor, or a modern TV. On the surface, both these display devices would appear to be very much the same. But, are there any advantages to choosing one over the other?

It turns out that there are distinct pros and cons to each choice. But these pros and cons also depend on the type of gaming experience that you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look and see which display you should be going for.

Computer Monitor

As with all things gaming in the PC gaming realm, computer monitors are generally considered to be superior to modern televisions. This does, however, depend on the monitor being used. For starters, computer monitors are a great deal more flexible in terms of their display resolution.

A PC monitor that is native 1080p is still able to display a 4K resolution, although this may look tight and squashed, given that computer monitors are often a great deal smaller than large modern televisions. Computer monitors also often have higher hertz, or frames per second, although many modern televisions also go up to 120 hertz.

In general, gaming PC monitors are simply more geared towards providing the best experience for high end video games playing experiences. It does, however, depend on the monitor being used.


Modern televisions are generally bigger than computer monitors, but with a leaning less towards gaming, and more towards movies. Console games are generally played on modern televisions, but with less of a focus on the more high end features. The more common hertz rate on televisions is 60, which is good for console gaming, but far less so for modern PC gaming. In other words, televisions are more geared towards casual console gaming or playing online Blackjack for real money in Canada.

This does not mean that 120 hertz televisions do not exist, but those capable of such high refresh rates are often in the highest end of television models. Televisions are also restricted to a display design, meaning that an HD or a smart television will not display 4K images. A 4k television will specifically have to be purchased in order to enjoy 4K gaming.

Which Is Better For Gaming

As with most things gaming related, it comes down to the type of gaming experience the user is looking for. Console gaming is perfect on televisions, with the two designed to go together perfectly. This setup is less flexible, however, with less of a focus on the most high end gaming experience possible with modern technology.

PC monitors are not all designed for gaming, however, which should be kept in mind. There are many middle range PC monitors, designed more for work, and less for gaming. Monitors designed for gaming, however, are far superior to televisions, and will provide a much higher image quality. Of course, the user must have a PC capable of taking advantage of the monitor, which is not cheap by any means.

Either way, the choice is open for gamers to choose.

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