The Most Creative Firearms In Video Game History

Video games have a long history of being based around things that go boom. That is to say; firearms of various levels of realism. Some games try their best to perfectly recreate real life guns, but in other cases the developers throw caution to the wind and go all out.

Arguably, the more creative video game firearms are the ones that are best remembered, and have the most impact on the player. After all, who is going to remember that the MP40 has appeared in dozens of video games, when the Doom series offered the BFG 9000?

Hare are some of the most creative, and well remembered, guns in video game history.

BFG 9000

Speaking of the BFG 9000, it is perhaps one of the most iconic guns in video games and it is as memorable as the online gambling Canada has to offer! From the creators of one of the most iconic video game franchises, the BFG 9000 was the first really large, obscenely overpowered video game guns. With one shot the player could murder virtually all demons in sight, reducing them to a pile of red mush.

Yes, each shot took a great deal of plasma rounds, but the payoff was completely worth it. Even the most modern Doom game has it’s BFG, continuing the legacy of this weapon to this very day.

Cerebral Bore

No nearly as well known as the BFG, the Cerebral Bore comes from the Turok franchise. Perhaps because the gun was not so useful as the BFG, and more of a joke weapon than anything else. What did the gun do? Why, it shot out a little orb that attached to an enemies head, drilled into their skull, and ejected their brains, of course.

As already said, the gun was more of a visual joke than anything else, and really not that useful as far as actual gameplay went. But would you look at all that grey stuff shooting out the enemies head? Absolutely brilliant, but absolutely not a game for kids.

Voodoo Doll

Coming from the now lost to time Blood franchise, the voodoo doll was everything a player hoped it would be. Instead of having to aim at the enemy, the player could simply have the voodoo doll equipped, and hit fire to deal damage. It was a great idea as far as weapons in video games went, and certainly a good laugh.

As far as the Blood games went, the voodoo doll was perhaps the most creative, although there were a great many odd weapons in the game beyond the voodoo doll. It’s too bad the franchise has not been rebooted, as so many others have.

Alien Arm Gun

What do you do when an alien enemy has a gun built into his arm? Blow off his arm, pick it up, and yank on the arm tendons to fire the weapon, of course. The Alien Arm Gun comes from Redneck Rampage, which was released near the same time as the Blood games. The 90s were clearly the time for wacky weapons in first person shooters.

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