Real vs Online Gambling

Gambling is one of the favourite pastimes worldwide, with a large percentage of people indulging in it across the globe and enjoying the thrill of gambling online as well as in casinos, bookies and bingo halls. However, with the digital age in full swing, has the online gambling scene become a more popular platform to gamble? Has the internet managed to capture the excitement of real life gambling, and place it online for people to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes?

With online gambling on the rise, new bingo sites are always being created purely based on the popularity of the game. When gambling online, you are able to place bets and enjoy the thrill that comes with gambling 24/7. Whether on the go, sitting at home with your friends and family or on your lunch break at work, you are able to indulge in betting and gambling easily and quickly. The online gambling scene is also able to entice you to play with promotional codes and a free £10 when you sign up to certain betting sites.

There is also no dress code when it comes to online gambling, unlike casinos, as you aren’t physically visiting a casino to gamble. The virtual environment brings to real life experience to wherever you may be. However, with that being said, when visiting a real casino, you are able to enjoy a more sociable and entertaining experience. Although you won’t be able to enjoy a free £10 bet when you walk through the door or receive a promotional code, you may be offered a complimentary drink when you sit down at a table, and enjoy a well-deserved night out with your friends.

In regards to the revenue made in online vs casinos, there is a considerable gap between the two. 67% of all revenue in the gambling industry is offline. This equates to a revenue of £7.7 billion, compared to the 33% of all revenue being made through the online side of gambling. This equates to a substantially less figure of £4.5 billion.

According to research conducted by Technavio, online gambling platform still rapidly increasing as we continue through the digital age. The market is predicted to surpass $60 billion by 2020, prepare for these numbers to escalate further!

With the entire revenue of the gambling industry fresh in your mind, we decided to compare the number of online casinos and racing sites versus the amount of real life casinos and race tracks across the globe. We did this to try and understand why there is such a big gap between the online and offline revenue. Through our research, we found out that the United States is home to the 2,673 casinos and race tracks, the highest number of casinos situated in a single country. Canada however has the lowest number of casinos and race tracks with a total number of 153.

When researching the total number of online gambling sites, we discovered that Mexico has the highest number of online sites with a total figure of 324 online sites available, compared to the 39 online gambling sites available in the US.

As we dug further into the gambling industry, we were able to find out that, although the most popular form of gambling remains offline, within casinos, high-street bookmakers and race tracks, the online platform for gambling is growing rapidly, with figures rising at a fast pace.

See our in depth comparison in the infographic below created by BitcoinCasinos.

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