Restore order to the universe as an African shaman in Rangi, out next week on PS VR

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re ready to bring Rangi to PS VR. Next week, Tuesday 6th March, PlayStation VR owners will be able to explore the African mystical universe of Rangi and solve its cryptic puzzles.

Inspired by African tribal art, ancient architecture, and colourful landscapes, Rangi lets you dive into a deep VR adventure that features stylized visuals, captivating music, and thought-provoking gameplay.

The graphics and audio are more than just aesthetic layers to the game, they blend fully with the game mechanics and narrative, giving Rangi its own unique identity.


Each level has a unique artistic flavour combining Africa’s diversity of cultures and influences. Very colourful at times, other times all green, violet, or yellow, the maps take you inside temples, through ancient structures, and to the outside world.

Drawing its inspiration from African folklore, Rangi’s meditative soundtrack includes instruments like the sanza and djembe as well as an emphasis on human voices. Check out a sampler of it below.

You play as Guriki, a shaman who interacts with the environment on a quest to recover the Music Giant’s life force, and restore rhythm to the world.

  • Explore the environments to understand their structure
  • Move objects to connect colored lines and trigger various mechanisms
  • Reconstruct ancient statues
  • Use your wand to fly and recover energy fields
  • Navigate deadly platforms and avoid obstables

Check out Rangi for PS VR on 6th March!

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