5 expert tips for ruling the battlefield in Bravo Team, out today for PS VR

Hi there, my name is Neil McEwan and I am the Game Director of Bravo Team at Supermassive Games.

We’re really excited for the release of Bravo Team and wanted to give you some insider tips and tricks to help you survive in the warzone!

1. Teamwork


Bravo Team is a first person VR cover shooter with the feel of an action movie – and teamwork is at the core of the game. It’s up to you and a friend to survive as a city is thrown into turmoil. You’ll need to work together, delivering covering fire with constant communication, as teamwork is vital to your survival.

2. Tactics


We designed Bravo Team to give players freedom to try out different tactics in the field. However, there are some things you’ll need to bear in mind whatever road you take. Firstly, stealth attacks can be effective. If you kill your enemies with a stealth attack and without alarming them, it will prevent them from calling reinforcements. Read on for more tips…

3. Choose your weapons


Using the right weapon for the right situation is vital as Bravo Team challenges you across interior and exterior locations. Equally as important is making sure you complement your buddy. For example, a good tactic later in the game is for one of you to use the sniper rifle while your partner engages the enemy with a shotgun.

Sometimes you might find yourself surround by enemies. A quick 180 degree turn (pull down on the right stick if playing with the aim controller) will give a good shot on any threats behind you.

Don’t forget that if you play in Rookie difficulty your weapon will reload automatically. If you play in Veteran or Spec Ops, don’t forget to press Square to reload.

4. Movement and traversal


In Bravo Team you move by point to point traversal. Every time you move you make yourselves vulnerable to enemy fire. Choosing when to move is almost as important as where you are trying to get to. Work with your buddy to work out when best to move. Maybe one of you can lay down some suppressing fire?

It’s also important to note that there are two movements systems: weapon-based movement and head-based movement. Try out both to see which one better fits your style of play.

Bravo Team can be a physical game too. Sometimes you’ll have to physically duck and hide behind cover to avoid being hit by the enemy fire. Remember that if you can see the enemy, it’s pretty certain that they can see and shot at you too!

Height is always an advantage in combat. If you’re higher than the enemy, you will have a better shot at them and their cover will be less effective. This does work both ways though, so look out for enemies above you.

5. Going it alone


While Bravo Team is designed for co-op player you can absolutely play alone. You will need to make the best use of the orders system to coordinate with the AI partner. You can flank the enemies, use him to attract their fire, or keep him close to you, among other strategies.

We’re looking forward to hearing how you take aim and immerse yourselves in the world of Bravo
Team – remember communication is key so be sure to share your hints and tips with each other below, and remember, this is what you’ve trained for.

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