Why sabotaging friends will become second nature in hilarious PlayLink party game Frantics, out tomorrow on PS4

Hi there! I am super excited about introducing you all to Frantics, the new PlayLink party game that we at NapNok Games are releasing on 7th March.

It is a multiplayer party game, but since this is a PlayLink game, instead of using DualShock controllers, you simply download the game’s companion app and you’ll be able to control the game with your smartphone or tablet device. This makes playing Frantics super simple and accessible, while still being massively competitive and fun!

But instead of me writing pages up and down about the game, I figure you would rather hear what all this fuss is about from our host, Fox. So I’ll let Fox pen the rest of this blog post.

Fox: Thank you Lau, and I must say that new haircut suits you, it was about time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to Frantics – it is a simple game of bonding, brawling and backstabbery.

Frantics is a party game, in which you and three of your mates can bash, bite, race, hump, push, squash and smack each other, but all with a little… social twist. Let me give you a few examples.

One of my favourite games in Frantics is called Kings of the Hill. The rules are quite simple, shoot yourself out of a cannon to reach a platform, use your handy baseball bat to whack other animals down from said platform and score a point.

Now, the problem is that you can only score a point if there are two and only two animals standing on the platform, so you need to team up with someone else to win.

Who do you team up with? Well that is up to you, some players try to build alliances, others constantly switch partners, while others again, stay behind and try to snipe in for a victory. It is wonderful to watch, since trust is so fragile when you’re holding a baseball bat in your hand.


Another favourite of mine is Hot Rod Heroes. It is a straight forward racing game where you try to reach the finish line first in a homemade Hot Rod car. The kicker is that you are not building your own car, no no, that would be too easy. You take turns before the race starts distributing car parts to each other, and I must say, some of these parts are… quite interesting. Who would you hand the square wheels to? Or the rocket engine?


And I’d be remiss not to mention Icicle Pickle, another last-animal-standing game, but unique in that players can jump up and piggyback ride other animals for victory. Friendless Runner is… an endless runner but with other players running around you, and oh boy is that a mess!

Dough Knights is a unicycle lancing game where you pierce doughnuts – and each other. One of the doughnuts is secretly explosive and you have to pass it to another player if you pick it up.

All this and much more is packed into Frantics.

Oh dear, I need to go and order more dynamite so I’ll be well supplied and ready for action on 7th March. I hope to see you in Frantics, I promise you, it won’t hurt… much.

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