New PS4 Game Releases

You are surely the proud owner of a PS4 Pro or PlayStation, or you will soon be getting one. Either way, you will come across a list of enticing gaming treats, which are enough to have you thrilled for the months ahead.

Coming throughout 2018 and beyond, there are abundant of impressive PS4 games on the horizon. In this list, you will find the best games which have already been released and some, which are yet to come up throughout the months.

World War Z

World War Z is based on the film instead of the books. Powered by Saber Interactive, this wonderful game will be one of the best zombie games ever created. For the moment, there are not much details about it as the game publisher has kept the gameplay as a surprise. However, you can be assured of one thing: there will be a lot of undead residents trying to eat your face off.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus has already been released on the 6th of February 2018. This game was a cult hit back during the days of the PS2, and even got a graphical remaster for a release on PlayStation 3. Nevertheless, the PlayStation 4 version is practically a different remade game. You will still find the colossi there to fight, but it appears like a brand-new title in 60fps – striking. The control technique has also been tweaked, as has several of the shonkier camera positions from before.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

The first release of Beyond Good and Evil 2 was over 15 years ago. Now, you will get the chance to enjoy a new version of the game. Once you start the play, you will find numerous species communicating and interacting. The game’s other-world setting is stunning, cheeky and quirky. Imagine The Fifth Element in video game form and you are almost there.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Sony Interactive Entertainment has now brought forward one of Marvel’s best characters to PlayStation4. The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the Batman Arkham series, with fluid combat and open-world settings. The most remarkable thing in the game is the new outfit of Spider-man. This brilliant character is able to take on opponents and destroy them with ease.

God of War

The famous main character of the God of War series, named Kratos, now has a son. You will this time find a more heartfelt storyline. This superb creation of Sony Interactive Entertainment follows on from its preceding Greek Mythology setting, however doesn’t hold back on the giant battles and beasts. From trolls to dragons, there will be more fights in the game to satisfy gamers, both old and new.

These outstanding games will surely win the heart of many gamers. On top of that, they consist of top-notch graphics and animations, which will remind you of the online slots available at Robin Hood Bingo. The only difference is that unlike these console games, slot games on that site can be played anytime and on any devices. If you want to check them out, click here!

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