Essay Writing Skills and Computer Games: What`s the Correlation?

You can keep playing computer games without feeling any guilt. This activity does help you improve your essay writing skills.

Can Computer Games Improve Your Essay Writing Skills?

Our team want to say a massive thank you to all our readers who have paused their computer games and decided to find out about something interesting. In fact, we are going to justify your right to play computer games whenever you want.

We have no intention to ruin all your fun, but please mind that everything in this messed up world could use moderation, and yes, even when it comes to your obsession with computer games. That, in case you are obsessed.

In case your parents aren`t so thrilled about your digital hobby (and they probably aren`t because, you know, they are parents), you can just show them this article. We are going to provide ironclad arguments which will prove that playing computer games has a positive impact on your writing skills, and therefore, on your academic success.

This is great news, actually! If you`re not really a fan and you hoped that we would point out only negative effects, sorry for disappointing you.

However, if you don`t spend hours fighting goblins, your essays still can be masterpieces.

And in case some of you like neither computer games, nor writing essays, we are always glad to help you out. Do you often have that thought: “Whom can I ask to write my essay?” A professional online service will do everything for you. Just let the guys who work there write what you want.

So, what about those advantages that we promised you?

Are You in a Good Relationship with Logic?

Before we get any further, let`s set certain things straight here. We`re not talking about computer games which have violence as the key element of their plot. Yes, many people like them for some reason, and we`re definitely not going to judge them.

Our team will focus on the games which require using strategic thinking, clever tactics, and logical approach. When you build cities, enterprises, engage in world politics, investigate crimes using deduction, solve some puzzles or riddles (well, you’ve got the pattern), then these computer games can influence your writing skills quite positively.

They develop your logic, which makes your essays well-structured. You are able to express your thoughts and ideas in a correct order, easy for understanding.

Some games help you master a step-by-step approach when you`re doing homework. As a result, your essays become well-though-out and give vibe of a sophisticated work.

Hobbit-Style Essay

In the natural process of evoking your creativity your eyes serve as the most effective transmitter. When you are in the woods, you get inspired by the beauty and pure wilderness of nature. When you`re in a city, your head gets filled with amazing forms of urban architecture.

Everything we see has a massive impact on the development of our imagination. The high-quality graphics and visualization of non-existing worlds, creatures, galaxies which many computer games are filled with, makes your creativity juice flow like the Niagara River.

Twenty Seconds, and the King Is Dead

This actually sounds like a plot of every “Game of Thrones” episode. Your character may actually end up being killed if you`re not attentive enough. Many computer games have a tight time limit which makes adrenaline rush through your veins like you`re about to make a parachute jump.

If you don`t want to see that terrifying “Game Over” icon on your screen, you`ll have to make decisions really quickly. This will help you get better at handling deadlines and the stress they usually come with.

Obviously, we aren`t saying that this is an ultimate method, and you`ll become Umberto Eco in no time, but a correlation between computer games and developed cognitive skills is more than noticeable. At least, that`s what scientists swear to.

How Much Time Does It Take to Build a City?

You probably know people who can spend up to ten hours playing computer games without eating, drinking, or using the bathroom. These are some supernatural abilities, I`ve got to admit that.

No, you don`t have to stay up for that long time just to write an essay or to complete an academic paper. But computer games do help in training patience, perseverance, and assiduity.

You`re so going to use those skills not only at university but also in future career.

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