What Does the Future Hold for Online Gambling?

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Closely linked with the emergence of new technology, online gambling is thriving thanks to constant innovations in the technological sector which open new potential for the growth of gaming online.

The rapid advancement of technology and its wide application in people’s everyday life have sparked an unstoppable growth and expansion of the online casino department which has been extremely lucrative as well.

The highly illustrative infographic made by Casinos Online states that global online gambling market was predicted to grow to $56.05 billion in 2018, which is more than a double amount recorded in 2009 when online gambling market was worth $24.73.

The evolution of online gambling is rushing forward in a formidable pace and it is truly hard to predict where the exciting journey will take us in the future. A look towards the main trends in technology, however, could offer a deeper insight into what the online gambling industry could look like in near future.

Mobile Sector

The introduction of smartphones and the wide spread of wi-fi to virtually every corner of the planet has allowed the vibrant mobile technology to bloom.

Over the past 12 months the mobile gaming has definitely come to the forefront of the entire gambling industry – possibly even reshaping it forever – and numbers are here to support such a claim. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s yearly participation and perceptions report from 2017 has revealed that 51% of online gamblers in the country used their mobile devices or tablet to get engaged in the activity. The numbers present a significant rise from 43% registered in the previous year (2016).

A steady and consistent growth of the mobile gambling sector has made it a brand-new standard in live casino and sports betting markets, enticing the players and operators alike. The emerging new online casino products are now primarily being built to accommodate the need of mobile users who are latching on the convenience and practicality of their handheld devices without ever looking back.

Skill-Based Games

Gambling scene has come a long way from brick and mortar establishments when slot machines were not more than a 3 reel entertainment and pastime reserved for recreational casino goers.

The evolution of slot games has gone hand in hand with the industry and it’s fair to say that the surge in popularity of online slot games can best explain the overall rise of the online industry. Slot machine developers have embraced the technological advances with a huge smile on their faces and first went on to create widely accessible and infinitely entertaining versions of their land based slot machines, before they started experimenting with incorporation of video and computer games elements into slots.

The results exceeded everyone’s expectations with slot games currently leading the online casino industry forward with a banner in their hands. And with Millennials slowly taking over the stage, the slot developers needed to find the way to adapt. Hence cometh the latest craze in the gaming industry which presents the future on online gaming – the skill-based casino games.

They combine the world of video games and casino games to create products that involve more than pure luck and chance but also demand skill and ability in order to win.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Taking your current reality and adding excitement to it is Augmented Reality, the new virtual overlay on the real-life environment which could come particularly handy and convenient with online casinos.

Apple users will attest to the excitement of augmented reality which is becoming increasingly accessible through the latest iOS devices which widely latch onto it. The worldwide hit game Pokemon Go was arguably the first to open doors of augmented reality which is bringing the gaming experience to us in formidable fashion.

Augmented reality could be the next step in the evolution of live dealer games when it comes to online gambling industry. The next – and possibly even bigger – step is Virtual Reality. While augmented world is bringing the experience to you, its virtual counterpart is immersing you straight into the centre of attention.

The likes of NetEnt, one of the world’s leading online casino software providers, has already began flirting with the VR idea through their highly popular Gonzo’s Quest which is possible to enjoy fusing any of highly accessible virtual reality hardware such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.


Given the high pace of industrial and technological development humans are rushing through it’s hard to even begin contemplating about what the future of online gambling would bring.

One thing is certain however, the future looks extremely exciting.

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