A Quick Peek Inside the New CS: GO Loot Box

Thanks to the loot box, hardcore CS: GO players have been in for one pleasant surprise after the next.While some may argue that loot boxes are similar to gambling to a certain extent, with chances akin to winning the lottery, there’s still an undeniable allure to these boxes andthe unending quest for goods that they present. The excitement that comes with the serendipitous possibility of gaining rare CSGO Skins keeps players hungry, and the goodies you gain can make the risk worth it in the end.On that note, let’s see what Valve has to offer us in their latest offering. Strap yourselves in because you’re in for quite a treat.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the new CS: GO loot box.

Show Me Some Weapon Skins: What’s in the Box?

Getting your paws on a coveted clutch case in CS: GO is a nice reward after a few rounds of the finest FPS ever. Brace yourself, as each clutch case may contain one of 17 possibleskins.As they are all community-designed, they are by the people and for the people. To give you a clearer picture of your chances ofgetting the goodies contained in clutch cases, I’ve also included the percentage chances of getting these skins (based on their color) via Perfect World ratios, should you be able to open 125.12 cases. This way, you can determine for yourself if the potential gains are worth it.

Blue Items (79.92%) – PP-Bizon (Night Riot), Five-Seven(Flame Test), MP9 (Black Sand), P2000 (Urban Hazard), R8 Revolver (Grip), SG 553 (Aloha), XM1014 (Oxide Blaze)

Purple Items (15.98%) – Glock-18 (Moonrise), Negev (Lionfish), Nova (Wild Six), MAG-7 (SWAG-7), UMP-45 (Arctic Wolf)

Pink Items(3.2%)–AUG (Stymphalian), AWP (Mortis), USP-S (Cortex)

Red Items (0.64%) –M4A4 (Neo-Noir), MP7 (Bloodsport)

If you’re lucky enough, you can even get the exceedingly rare yellow drops gloves.

Give Me Change: Loot Box Success Where Others Have Floundered

Though loot boxes do exist in other games, the difference in CS: GO (and games such as Overwatch and Rocket League) is that these loot boxes do not affect gameplay whatsoever—it is a mere cosmetic effect.This fact solidifies CS: GO asfertile ground that’s conducive to the success of a loot box system.In a game where the action has to be as seamless as can be, even a minor twitch that alters gameplay can spell the difference between failure and success. Thankfully, CS: GO enjoys thelatter.

There are newer things in CS: GO, however, that go beyond the new loot box. CS: GO’s most recent update also involves changes to maps and miscellaneous items. This comes in the form an offset to the stairs by control room B as well as the removal of unintended positions on the crane found in bombsite A. Lastly, the update addresses the issue of crashes whenever players drop the Medi-Shot item.

Weapon skin may do nothing whatsoever to boost your skill and ability to kick major behind in CS: GO, but it is an undeniably appealing prospect nonetheless. Customization, after all, is a major perk that can make a game enjoyable even after you’ve logged major amounts of time on it. Besides, if you’re going to win, doing so in a blaze of modish glory is a fine way to make a statement. And if you’re going out, you might as well go out in style.

Until the next loot box, take steady aim and let loose your itchy trigger finger!

It’s the so-called thrill of the chase that makes loot boxes so much more appealing after all. Besides, clutch cases are also the quickest and easiest way to get the most coveted skins.

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