The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia joins Soul Calibur VI’s fighting roster

It’s long been tradition in the SoulCalibur series for warriors of great strength to enter the stage of history no matter where they hail from. In SoulCalibur VI, Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher game series developed by CD Projekt joins the growing roster of incredible fighters! Watch his introduction trailer now.

Witchers, warriors blessed with unusual abilities, were created to hunt monsters and other strange creatures. Geralt, perhaps the ablest and most famous of witchers, was asked one day to look into a sorceress suspected of summoning demons.

His contract called on him to learn if there was any truth to the claims, and if so, to kill any demons he encountered and the sorceress herself. The sorceress dwelled amidst the ruins of a citadel surrounded by marshland.

Soul Calibur VI

Shortly after Geralt arrived there, she used her magic to open a gate that whisked the witcher into another dimension. Of a sudden, Geralt found himself in a strange new world that was home to Soul Edge, the power of which the sorceress had spoken.

We’re incredibly excited to partner with CD Projekt and bring this one of a kind collaboration to fruition. While coming from his own separate world, Geralt fits right in the European fantasy setting of SoulCalibur VI.

And he won’t be alone: the White Wolf will be wielding his iconic steel and silver swords. Witchers use both physical techniques and minor magic in fights, but their control over the mystic arts does not extend to powerful incantations or dark curses. Rather, they employ simple spells known as “Signs,” and these combat-focused hexes prove some of the most powerful tools in their arsenal.

Soul Calibur VI

Though Geralt has found himself trapped in another dimension, his sword edge, his wits, and his skills are not at all dulled. A witcher is never unprepared, no matter how unusual the circumstances…

SoulCalibur VI is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018.

Soul Calibur VI

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