Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, class-based action RPG, comes to PS4 11th May

It’s been over two years since Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr was announced, and NeocoreGames has been working on it relentlessly ever since.Today we’re happy to announce the game is launch worldwide on 11th May on PS4, and will include PS4 Pro support.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

Now this ambitious action RPG is coming close to its completion, let’s take a look what to expect at release.

Character classes, and how the game fits into the wider lore of the 40K universe

In the game you will control an Inquisitor who focuses on combat situations on investigative missions, purging heretics and the spawns of Chaos, in the name of the Emperor of Mankind.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

You can choose from three backgrounds (serving as character classes): the heavy Crusader Inquisitor, the agile Death Cult Assassin Inquisitor and the Primaris Psyker Inquisitor, who is both blessed and cursed by the powers of the Warp. Each of them can select from three expertises at the beginning, which determines war gear and basic traits.

The game takes place in the Caligari Sector, where Warpsurges isolate systems from the Imperium for generations, making way to the forces of Chaos.

Aside from the story campaign, the game opens up the Star Map where several mission types, side activities and investigations await the players. These can be played both in single player and in online co-op, but the game supports local couch co-op as well.

Combat, and upgrades

The game focuses heavily on combat, but adds a tactical layer to it: with the wide variety of equipment, weapons and the cover system on maps allow the Inquisitor to be more thoughtful in situations where mindless action isn’t a solution.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

But if the players are keen on confronting heresies head-on, the player’s spaceship (the central hub of the game) offers versatile options for improvements in character progression: crafting via blueprints and salvaged materials, equipment acquired during missions, and dozens of unique active and passive skills ensure that the Inquisitor is always competent, even in the most dire situations.

Capturing the spirit of Warhammer 40,000

Due to the close partnership with Games Workshop, the game is a faithful representation of the Warhammer 40,000 universe both in visuals and in tone.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

The player will visit a variety of planets and celestial bodies, abandoned Void Stations and many more unique points of interests on the Star Map, encountering several enemy factions (such as Black Legion and Word Bearers) with multiple enemy types, ranging from rabid horde monsters such as Nurglings to boss-type enemies like Helbrutes and Decimators

Post-launch plans: Seasons

After the release of the game, updates will keep adding more mission types and enemy factions for a long time, including the so-called Seasons, which are big, story-driven (and free!) content updates, which affect the persistent and open world of the Caligari Sector for a long time to come.

Similarly to NeocoreGames’ previous game franchise (The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing), the PlayStation port of the Inquisitor – Martyr is also done in-house with an emphasis on control schemes and an UI that fits the console gaming preferences.

The game will utilise the Dualshock 4’s extra functions, such as the speaker, and the game fully supports the PlayStation 4 Pro’s advanced capabilities, offering three enhanced game modes: Balanced, Performance and Cinematic.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr will be released worldwide on 11th May, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, both in digital and in retail format.

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