What Are E-Sports, And Why is it So Popular?

In the last decade, sports betting has become increasingly popular and it is now one of the most popular industries in the online spectrum. Owing to this popularity, more and more different types of sporting events have featured on gambling sites, giving punters the opportunity to bet their money on just about any type of sporting event that is taking place in the world, including some slightly strange ones. One such ‘strange’ event where online gamblers can place their bets is E-Sports, an industry which you may not have known existed, but which is incredibly popular in its own right. E-Sports can throw up some great chances for you to win money and for the latest odds on E-sports tournaments you should check out 188Bet.

So what on earth is this sporting event? Let’s take a look.

In a Nutshell

Basically, E-sports events are tournaments where players use video games to win prizes. Within this there are many different types of video games which the players will play against one another, and you can bet on what you think the outcome will be. Tournaments take place all over the world, giving you plenty of chances to get in on the action.

Is It Serious?

Whilst you may not know a lot about these events, the answer to the question as to whether or not it is a serious event, is absolutely yes. Tournaments that are hosted often see as many as 10,000 people who come to watch the players duel it out and prize money can be as high as $100,000. If you consider how popular video games are in general, the idea that an event can be created from it on a big scale, is not so surprising.

What do They Play?

The most common form of games which the competitors play are strategy games, and fighting games. With the strategy games like League of Legends, the players will usually operate in teams, with the winners advancing to the next round. In terms of the fighting games that are played, these are usually one on one battles which see individuals look to put their characters against their opponent, finding their weaknesses and avoiding their strengths.

And I Can Gamble on It?

You most certainly can gamble on E-sports and in fact there are more markets available to gamble on each and every week that passes. Like with any other sporting event, if you want to bet on E-sports you can find form guides to study, you can see the historical data for each of the players or the teams, and if you can pick right, you can make some great profits through gambling on this new and exciting sport.

E-sports is not going anywhere so why not learn a little more about it, and add it to your list of sports that you gamble on?

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