Introducing Table of Tales, the RPG adventure that brings tabletop gaming to life in PS VR

Why, hello there! I’m Arbitrix and welcome to my Table of Tales!

Here I am at Tin Man Towers, where the team is hard at work putting the final touches on Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown for PS VR – the adventure RPG which brings my magical Table to life before your very eyes!

Table of Tales

The Table grants you the power to guide a party of Scoundrels through the dangerous and intriguing realm of the Crown Islands!

YOU will determine the fate of the Scoundrels through tactical, turn-based combat! YOU will roll dice and determine whether they overcome the challenges they face or find ways to deal with consequences when they can’t!

Table of Tales

Thanks to all the love the Tin Minions have poured into this project, you, my friends, will soon be able to experience the wonders of the Table first-hand!!

What is this Table of which you speak?

The Table is a magical, mechanical artefact that allows you, the noble player, to experience the myriad worlds and adventures it contains. When its power is harnessed, the surface of the Table comes to life, transporting you to a world of swashbuckling and sorcery!

Navigate the perils of The Jewel Islands! Decide who to befriend and who to betray! Engage in daring combat, calling on the strengths of each member of your party to pull off magnificent combinations and seize GLORIOUS VICTORY!

Journey the high seas of The Crown Archipelago! Explore vistas of swashbuckling adventure! Watch, as the table magically fills with water, water that glitters in such a way that it could only be real!

Table of Tales

In a flash all that could be gone! The sea and sand, ships and crew sucked down into the depths of the Table, replaced with the busy streets of Half-Arch, the greatest city of the Crown, or dense jungles from the island nation of Bestoja. Shops and homes, merchants and monsters will spiral upwards to form a fresh diorama, ready to be explored!

Table of Tales

You name it, the Table can summon it! And do its best to kill you with it!

But what can I *do* with this Table?

You’ll be seated at the Table of course! You are the player! The monarch upon the throne! The key that unlocks the adventure!

Table of Tales

You’ll be calling the shots! Making the best of a series of bad situations! But don’t worry. The consequences of your choices won’t end poorly for *you*.

No no no.

The Scoundrels – though, they would perhaps rather be referred to as a Party of Heroes! – will bear the brunt of that!

Who are these Scoundrels?!

Let me introduce you!

Table of Tales

First, Nuna! We’re fairly sure that’s not her real name, and we’re not sure how she obtained her powers of dark sorcery – tearing the fragile fabric of reality and letting whatever lurks beyond through!

Table of Tales

Next, we have the Hammer. Yes, yes; she’s the tank. The meat shield. The muscle. Every party needs one! The Hammer likes getting things done. Particularly when those things involve using her fists. She’s brutal, fast and unforgiving.

Table of Tales

This is Thomas! He’s a genius when it comes to potions, but far from savvy when it comes to… well, just about everything else. He’ll mix up anything for anyone… for the right price, of course! The Scoundrels would be lost without his healing tonics and experimental mixtures. What else would they do when they need to blow things up?!

Table of Tales

And finally, Horatio Nine-Lives the Thrice Blessed. No, it’s not a real title: he came up with that name himself. What he lacks in humility he makes up for it with charm, finesse and enough flashy moves to keep an entire platoon of the City Watch distracted!

So there you have it! That’s the Table! It’s capable of all this and much much more. You can see why I’m so excited that the Tin Minions will be bringing all this to you very soon.

I’ll be waiting for my first player.

It could be you.

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