Why compromise wasn’t an option when crafting upcoming PS4 RPG Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs

With a solid vision for the game that involved a dash of parody, a pinch of lightheartedness, a touch of tribute, and a large dose of love for the genre, we’ve managed to create an RPG we can be proud of.

Now we’ll be launching Regalia on PlayStation 4, and we can’t wait for you to play it! Stick with us, and you’ll inherit an ancient kingdom, set on to rebuild it while paying off its terrible debt and trying to uncover the truth about your family’s legacy. What can be better than that?


Regalia is a game that’s full of heart, and although the story might go into some darker places at times, we always wanted to keep the game’s world on the cheerful side – the challenges during battles will be taxing enough.

The ruined kingdom of Ascalia, although a little rough around the edges at the beginning, under a thoughtful rule can quickly begin to thrive and show off its hidden beauty.

And when it comes to heroes of the story, every character’s silhouette was meant to draw out certain signature features which could be wildly and richly shown thanks to the overall cartoonish style. With unique colour schemes and strong personalities, every member of your adventuring party will be indispensable.

Make them stand out

Many, many RPGs put great emphasis on the characters, and so we thought to ourselves: what would be the best way to breathe life into the Ascalia dwellers?

Well, to give them the right voice, of course! Despite the modest production budget, we’ve put a lot of time and effort to make sure that the voice acting in Regalia is of the highest possible quality.

Together with our partners at Sound Cadence Studios, we have recorded over 10000 lines of spoken dialogue, performed by over 30 different actors – an effort that took almost a year to complete and one that we’re extremely proud of.

And frankly, no moment is more magical than hearing characters you’ve created come alive thanks to the work of talented voice actors!

The sound of Ascalia

Continuing the topic of checking all the right boxes, it was also clear that it wouldn’t be a RPG without the presence of great music.

Usually, when you are making an indie game, you are on a budget, and you think of the audio last and try to get it done on the cheap. With Regalia we wanted to go big, to get an ambitious musical score for the game – one performed by a live orchestra! A score that would evoke the feeling of everyone’s favorite genre classics of old. To achieve this, we have partnered up with the remarkable composer Henri-Pierre Pellegrin.


He was a fantastic artist to work with, and he easily understood the influences and themes we were going for. You can watch him detailing the creation process of the music in the video below:

Regalia Royal Edition is launching on PlayStation 4 on 10th April 2018! When the day comes, we hope you’ll be able to share in the enjoyment we felt while making our game.

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