Online Slots Vs. Online Roulette – What is Better?

The online gaming trend has taken over the gambling industry in regards to providing convenience to players. Slots and roulette happen to be the most sought-after sets in casinos across the internet. Slots are envied because of their appealing features and high cash payouts while roulette games are liked because of their ease in playing. However, it is hard to decide which of the two games the better one is. The points below will assist in analyzing this aspect.


Both games have plenty of options to offer. Gamers that enjoy playing roulette can enjoy up to three variations of this game, which are provided in BETAT Casino. These include the American, European, and French roulette tables. Slots, on the other hand, give the gamers many more options, being the most highly offered game on the wide web. This aspect makes the reel sets more attractive than the roulette table.

Mastery of the Game

Playing both of these games proves to be easy. This is due to the fact that the rules of engagement are not difficult. However, it is easier to learn how to play a slot game as compared to roulette. For one, slot games only need gamers to make payments, select the number of pay-lines, and then spin the reels. Roulette games, on the other hand, requires one to place a bet on a winning number or numbers. The level of effort exerted in playing these games is very minimal, but it is lower in slots as compared to their roulette counterparts.

Winning Probability

Winning is one of the reasons that gamblers engage in online sets. The more the payout, the more the players will try their luck in the game. These two sets have very low probabilities of winning. Some slots, for example, have a one out of a million winning probability, especially for the fixed and progressive jackpots; this means that one out of a million people is the one that will win the massive prize. Even so, gamers still try their luck in these games hoping that they will be the ones to take home the mega prize. Roulette sets, on the other hand, are known as the devil’s game. The reason behind this name is the fact that the house has an advantage of at least 5.26%.

What this means is that you will lose five times the amount of cash you stake if you play and lose. However, if you win, a bountiful reward will be headed your way. In as much as both games are not easy to win, the slot game makes it a difficult task trying to win. Even so, the game does have in between rewards given to players if they gain winning combinations during the match. This means that one can garner a few coins even if they do not take home the envied jackpot prize.


The easier it is to access a game, the better the chances of gamers trying out the game; the opposite also takes effect. Most online casinos nowadays avail reel games for free and real money gaming options. Some casinos deal exclusively in availing slots. This is because a majority of the gamblers online love to play this game category. A look at the wagering sites online will reveal this to be true. Additionally, gaming companies are focusing more on creating slots as compared to other games. This makes reel machines easily available over the internet. The free ones are even easier to find considering that players need not register in casinos for them to play.

Roulette tables, however, are not as popular. Even in instances where the numerous variations are offered in casinos, one still notices that they are not played as much as the slots. Finding a slot to spin is almost an effortless activity as compared to locating a roulette table.

Bonuses and Wagering Requirements

A bonus is usually availed to players to create a more interesting betting ground for the gamers. Players enjoy this offer every now and then depending on how the specific casino they choose to wager in has set the rules of play. For instance, most welcome bonuses are usually in the form of free money and spins. This reward is in favor of gamers who love to spin in slot games. In addition to that, the wagering requirements are usually depleted quickly when gamblers play slots. Table games, on the other hand, have lesser promotions. Even when they do have rewards, gamers do not receive much in comparison to the cash that slots lovers get.

Additionally, it is less expensive to play slots as compared to roulette games. One can wager with as little as a quarter or its equivalent when spinning slot reels. The only time one is expected to spend a significantly high amount of money when playing slots is when they are playing for a jackpot. Roulette may also feature low wagers, but they do not come as low as those of slot games.

Both slot and roulette games are entertaining to play, making it difficult to select which of the two games gets the upper hand considering that all gamers have different tastes. However, according to the elements analyzed above, slot games take the crown. Gamblers are asked to take caution when it comes to selecting sites to play in to avoid losing money to rogue sites.

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