Casual Games Players Are Slowly Migrating to Online Casinos

The online gambling realm has been in existence for more than two decades now and has earned the spot of the biggest revenue generator for the casino business within that time. The online platform has allowed this leisure activity to be accessible to millions across the globe without too much being required from the gamblers’ side; all they have to do is launch their favorite games, make cash wagers if they are playing for real money, and play their rounds. Mobile gadgets made this even better by bringing better convenience that PC devices.

With the occurrence of this shift, most gaming software developers made a move to provide their indulgences on the wide web. Today, games that could only be found in brick and mortar casinos are readily available without having to compromise one’s location. Some of the popular games that are found in most online gambling destinations include slot games, blackjack, Ladbrokes roulette, baccarat, poker, and video poker.

Casual Casino Games

The above casino indulgences fall comfortably into the categories of slots, table games, and progressive sets. However, other games cannot be placed in any of these classes; therefore, they fall in the casual games category. These indulgences that do not fit in the traditional sets are also regarded to as miscellaneous or specialty games. When the online casino business was introduced, these games were struggling to maintain a following as big as that of its other casino counterparts. However, over time, they have grown on gamblers and are enjoyed by a lot more people. This has called for their introduction in numerous gambling establishments to service their growing demand. Below is a review of some of these sets:


  • Bingo


This game is associated with Europe where it was first played more than a century ago. On the brick and mortar gaming platform, bingo is one of the biggest revenue generating games that have had halls and events dedicated to playing the game. The popularity of the indulgent originated from the ease of play that comes with playing.

The game involves numerous balls with numbers on them, and a playing card that has the numbers on it arranged in no particular order. The player gets handed the card at the beginning of the game while various numbered balls are called out at random. One has to tick off any number that is read that appears on their card. Winnings are made by creating a pattern either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Some casinos pay out even for landing no pattern at all. The specifications of the game will depend on the gambling establishment. Even though this game was initially introduced as a leisure activity for women, its increasing feature in casinos has led to it establishing a huge male following.


  • Keno


This game originated in China where it was invented to fund a war. Once the war was over, the popularity of the game blew up across the globe and saw it adopted by many other cultures.

This casino game is similar to bingo in ways. Gameplay is conducted using balls that can be anywhere between thirty and ninety. The player is presented with a playing card where they have to tick off a specific number of digits as instructed by the casino rules. Once that is done, the game will draw a similar number of digits from the ones used in gameplay. If the produced digits correspond with those selected by the gamer, they proceed to make winnings. The corresponding number of digits that pay out depends on the version being played and the gaming site one plays in.


  • Scratch cards


Scratch cards are one of the simplest games online, which makes them one of the most popular casual games. The player purchases a card that has a three by three grid. They then have to scratch them to reveal the symbols. A win is granted when three identical characters appear in a row. The icons used could be fruits, bells, digits, or any other casino items. Scratching the card can be done manually on personal computers by dragging the cursor over the grey area until the details underneath are revealed; the same is done using a finger on smartphone devices. Alternatively, one can have the card scratched automatically to save them the trouble.


  • Horse racing


This game is similar to the land-based version played at race courses. However, one places wagers on virtual horses. Once the game is launched, the gambler has to stake on the horse they think is going to win, and get paid if it does. As much as this game depends on luck, some strategy can be applied; this is done by studying up in the statistics provided about the horse, just as is the case in the real-life version of the spot.


  • Dog racing


This indulgent is similar to horse racing. The only difference is that canines are used in the place of horses. The same winning tactics also apply.


  • Wheel of chance


This game garnered a lot of popularity over the decades and has even been featured in numerous TV shows. In online casinos, the player is presented with a wheel that has various prizes on it. One then spins it to land a prize once the wheel has come to a halt.

These casual games are provided in numerous online gambling destinations. Similar to the popular casino games, these indulgences can be engaged for free in the demo modes or actual cash wins in the real money modes.

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