Top Slot Games of 2017

2017 has come and gone but not without the launch of excellent, innovative fun slot games that left thousands of online slot fans glued to their screen and tasting for new great slot title releases.

Actually, over 35 slot machine games were released on the platform in the past year with several of those titles, going on to become top-rated and popular among players.

In this article, we’ll take a step back to revelry in those fantastic slot titles that made our 2017 game time worthwhile.

Wild Howl

The eerily mysterious howl immediately the game loads sends a jot of thrill down the spine of players is one primary reason this slot game is topping the charts.

The sheer fun of diving into the world of wild wolves and fighting your way to becoming the alpha wolf will keep you playing for more; the solid graphics and artwork, the sound and the mega wins are all packaged to make your play time exciting.

Also, the special Respins feature offers dare-devil players a chance to play and win a mega jackpot reward

It’s no wonder then that gamers voted this game from the stable of Caesars as their favorite.

Monster Treasure

The Monster Treasure slot game is made for the strong hearted gamer as you step into the world full of spooky monsters, think Frankenstein and Dracula.

Evade the monsters, uncover and pick up gems to unlock monster cards that will help you capture all the monsters creeping around.

Win big with the monster bonus and progressive jackpot.

Foxtrot Follies

Ever wanted to travel back in time? Now with this Foxtrot Follies slot machine, you can quickly go back to the 20’s.

The roaring 1920’s is an exciting time with all the wild partying, jazz, and flappers taking over the social scene – this slot game takes you back to   that period.

Foxtrot follies from the Caesars offers a generous bonus, look out especially for the stacked symbols on all reels to win about 100 free spins to cash big time.

Princess Wild

Become the princess of the wild by embarking on an adventure that will take you through the jungle.

Princess Wild, the only slot game from Caesars featuring a domino, promises to be exciting, adrenaline pumping game.

Be sure to stay clear of the cheetahs and panthers hiding in the jungle, gather the falling dominos to complete the board games and advance on the game to have a chance to receive big rewards.

Captain Pelican

Who doesn’t want to be the captain of their own ship? Captain Pelican promises to just to that for you – give you the chance to steer your ship into a sea of glittering gold coins.

To win big coin prize solve the puzzle in time!

More More Buffalos

Oh, the old Wild West is calling get on the stagecoach and lunch into American’s Wild West where soaring eagles and wild animals live.

Explore the frontiers, but hey keep an eye out for the stampeding buffalos on the reels.

No need to turn your phone horizontal when playing, and of course, spin up to 8 slot machines and wild reels together to stand a chance to win coins.

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