Out-there action platformer Slime-San expands in upcoming Superslime Edition, out 8th May

It’s been nearly a year since Slime-san slimed his way into your hearts and it’s been an incredible ride!

We created amazing merchandise like printed vinyl records and fluffy plushies! We released two huge content patches that add brand new campaigns and features! We saw an amazing community build up with avid fans and mind-blowingly talented speedrunners. We showcased the game at exciting fairs like Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, PAX and many more.

Heck, we even got prestigious nominations like IGN’s Best Platformer of 2017 and received many great reviews so far.


But we’re not done yet, not even close! We’re excited to announce Slime-san: Superslime Edition, the ultimate version of Slime-san, coming to the PS4 on 8th May!

Slime-san is a fast paced, action platformer where you control a little slime that was eaten up whole by a giant worm!

Your goal is to jump, slide and slime your way through its intestines and back out its mouth. There’s no moment to stand still as you are chased by its stomach acid so make sure to use your special, slimy abilities wisely!

Slime your way through cracked surfaces, slow down time to jump with pixel precision and dash through brittle obstacles back out to freedom! Run, run, run!


Slime-san: Superslime Edition includes all of the content we’ve released in the past year. These patches added brand new campaigns, levels, hub worlds and features.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Slime-san is nearly 60% bigger than it was in its initial launch, so you won’t run out of content here anytime soon!

Additionally, the Superslime Edition also includes 10 brand new and exclusive levels that will test your platforming skills! These levels even include a new play style and come with their own trophies to accomplish.

Last but not least, Superslime Edition also includes a brand new feature called “Dynamic Colors” that will alter the game’s colour palette to a unique one for each world. Slime-san’s will shine more colourful than ever before on the PS4!


In Slime-san: Superslime Edition, you’ll be able to tackle three major campaigns!

In Mama’s Madness you get swallowed up by a giant worm – Outch! Your goal is to platform yourself through its intestines back out its mouth before you get digested!

In Blackbird’s Kraken you were about to take a vacation with your family and get eaten whole by a giant Kraken?! Once more you’ll need to jump, slime & slide your way out!


And lastly, Sheeple in Sheeple’s Sequel believes he’s an NPC in a video game (Crazy, right?) and he decides to recode himself as the villain! Can you beat his mind-bending levels?

This is a game packed with content. It has 160 levels, new game+, explorable hub worlds with shops, speed running & boss rush modes, mini games and more.


We also ensured anyone can play this game by including comprehensive colour blind options, as well as button mapping and extensive gameplay options. You’re the master of your own game and you decide how to play it!

Are you ready for the most slimetastic platformer of your life? We can’t wait to bring you Slime-san: Superslime Edition to the PS4 on 8th May!

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