Graphics card makers: GPU shipments Can fall by as Much as 40%

If you are gamer and are looking for a good time to assemble your new gaming PC, now is what you are looking for! While everything matters in your gaming PC, from your motherboard to even its keyboard, one of the priciest components that you would have to buy is the GPU. And if recent events are to be believed, the cost of GPU could come down significantly, soon!

If all you had been doing till now was playing your favorite online games, and using items like the Highroller bonus code, it is time to do a whole lot more. Sure, you can still enjoy your favorite online games on your mobile but with the right GPU, you could even play games like Far Cry 3 seamlessly.

GPU Shipments Today

High-end graphics cards are luxury components for most of us gamers. Some even are the GPUs we aspire to have. They are very few shipments made, with their costs being the biggest prohibition to purchase by a majority of gamers.

We had hopes that the top-end GPUs will deliver enthusiastic classy performance at a lower price but we have been disappointed. A mixture of impeccable performance, architectural elegance, and good value is what composes the best buy for a graphics card. The only part that hits hard is the crazy pricing.

However, the good news here is that the Taiwanese graphics card manufacturer, Gigabytes, TUL and MSI believe that shipments sales could drop by as much as 40% in April, as per a report claimed by DigiTimes. A majority of their clients from distributors and mining farms have in fact cut off orders for graphics cards entirely. The mobile and PC industry in itself is witnessing a slump now, with Samsung even stating that weak panel demand for them could play spoilsport this upcoming quarter.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Better known as AMD says it doesn’t see any “significant risk” of the second-hand GPUs making an appearance.

Contemporarily, the cryptocurrency manufacturing industry suffered a set back when it’s mining machine manufacturers were asked to stall their planned shipments due to the replacement demand for mining machines lacking luster.

The graphics card industry seems to be walking in similar shoes.

A general persistent slow- down in the market of cryptocurrency in addition to the rising trend of companies putting their graphics card purchases on hold, in order to wait for their Bitmain ASICs, which could take a while to arrive.

Ethereum has reportedly published a proposal for a hybrid proof-of-stake consensus. There are some anti- ASIC bit built in Ethereum and Monero, but not enough to kill them entirely just yet.

The good news, however, is for the gamers like us. You have new GPU’s waiting for you – and there are no customers to buy them.

In situations like these, the card manufacturers, as well as the distributors, will be forced to slash their prices down for sales or promotion. It could mean them slashing prices, which can potentially impact their profit margins by half. The future of GPU prices falling drastically are around the corner and may we hope it only the start of it.

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