How Much Does it Cost to Build a 4k Gaming PC?

If you are a PC gamer you are possibly wondering if you can put together a PC with the functionality of an XBox. Besides the multiple prices for a variation is quality and performance, it is important to actually gather the components to build your 4K Gaming PC. While console manufacturers will enjoy a discount for bulk purchases, you’ll be having plenty of running around to do. And while you can play online games or try out Bitcoin bonus codes in all of them, if you are looking to play the regular games, you need a good gaming PC.

The Bare bones PC – The 4K Gaming PC on a Budget

Let us begin with a PC that can provide some good gaming with a little restrictions. It should be sufficient to satiate your gaming needs and your budget to choose an AMD Ryzen 3 processor and GTX 1060 with 3GB VRAM. Exceptional performance would be an over expectation, but affordability seals the deal.

The list of prices to expect for the various components is as follows:

Component – They would cost you anything in between $23.00- $24.00.

Power Supply Unit – You would have to shell out around $40.00- $42.00 for this.

Motherboard – These are a little costlier, around $59.00- $60.00 each.

Central Processing Unit – Probably the second most expensive part here, around $110.00. to $300

Random Access Memory – It depends on how much RAM you are looking for, but you can expect to spend around $60.00 on an average.

Storage – Again, it depends on whether you are looking for SSD or HDD and also the storage size. On an average, it would cost you around $50.00.

GPU – It’s what burns the major hole in your pocket, and depending on the configuration, you can expect to spend around $200 or more on it.

Apart from this, the operating system will set you behind by around $75.00, making it a total of around $700.

A budget of approximately $750 is what you should be spending for a basic PC.

Mid Range Pc

This is the improved version of the Bare-bones Pc, our first build. This will be providing a 4k gaming experience at about 30 frames per second. Turning the settings down a will result in a capable machine, resulting in a reasonably good gaming experience.

The list of components and prices on this are as follows:

Component – $23.00- $24.00

Power Supply Unit $40.00- $42.00

Motherboard $59.00- $60.00

Central Processing Unit $148.00- $150.00

Random Access Memory $79.00- $80.00

Storage $49.00-$50.00

GPU $238.00- $239.00

Operating system $74.00- $75.00

Blu- ray $49.00- $50.00

Total $759.00- $770.00

Power Packed Pc

This is the PC that can compete with your homie’s Xbox. With the most powerful components available, provided you have credits enough to not check the price tag will up your game to a different level. The list of awesome components along with their expensive costs are given below:

Component $84.00- $85.00

Power Supply Unit $139.00- $140.00

Motherboard $159.00- $160.00

Central Processing Unit $554.00- $555.00

Random Access Memory $327.00- $328.00

Storage $49.00-$50.00

GPU $1649.00- $1650.00

Operating system $74.00- $75.00

Blu- ray $49.00- $50.00

SSD $139.00- $140.00

SSD $852.00- $853.00

Total $4075.00- $4086.00

So if you have made up your mind on building your own 4K gaming PC, you might note that investing in the best components, especially the GPU commercially available is the only way to hit 60 FPS and a smooth 4k experience.

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