Stack the goods high and dodge traffic in arcade game Beep! Beep! Deliveries, out on PS4 this summer

Hi, I’m Andy Gibson, developer of Beep! Beep! Deliveries at Team Pesky. I left mainstream game development after 15 years with the aim of creating original fun titles.

Beep! started out as crazy idea and grew into this crazy game over the last three years. I love games that continually surprise the player as they open up so Beep! is designed to be easy to get into yet still offer plenty of challenge and depth.

The world of Beep! is alive with traffic, customers, funky characters – but also the Greedy Kings’ stooges. Earn hearts to unlock new customer or coins to unlock new vehicles. Find quests, solve puzzles and explore new islands but expect crazy driving, crashes and splashes. And explosions and giant snowballs. And thieving crows.

Beep! Beep! Deliveries

Pook versus the greedy king

You play as Pook and the story starts with your annual summer visit to help Uncle Bub at his delivery company. Many of his customers are friends with dreams (and problems) of their own. And every year the Greedy King makes everyone’s life hard, stealing and bullying via his guards. But this year things are going to be very different, right?

A crazy cast of characters

You’ll visit Sleepy Wizard, Muffintops, 8bit’s arcade, Vibes’ music store and the Cat Lady with the lost ghost kittens. You’ll get to know them all as you help upgrade their businesses, search for missing stuff or deliver something important. Megan’s cinema needs new movies. Professor McGuffin is trying to build a rocket. Papa Noodle needs fresh ingredients. Jiggy needs new music. Everyone needs something!

Beep! Beep! Deliveries

The fun is stacking up

Driving against the clock isn’t easy when you’re trying to balance all those deliveries. Slip between traffic and skid round corners, trying not to drop those deliveries.

Scoot Jr. only carries one small package but Duke can carry up to 10. Trykster goes fast but only on 3 wheels. Load as much as each vehicle allows, or just a little – your choice. Beep your horn to folks to get out of your way and see what happens.

Beep! Beep! DeliveriesBeep! Beep! Deliveries

Help Pook keep Uncle Bub in business but the Greedy King is not going to be happy! Beep! Beep! Deliveries is exclusive to PS4 and being dropped off this summer.

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