Microsoft is delaying the release of Crackdown to spring 2018

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Microsoft is delaying the release of Crackdown 3 from Nov. 7, 2017 to spring 2018, the company confirmed.

Crackdown 3 brings the action-packed, and third-person perspective gameplay takes place in open world environment back in the series, offered by Sumo Digital and published by Microsoft Studios. The game continuing the long-running series 8-year after the release of Crackdown 2 for Xbox 360 in 2010, the 3rdinstallment revolves around Microsoft Azure-powered mass scale destruction that lets everything available in the game to be destroyed.

The story exactly starts where the Crackdown 2 left off, the terrorist attack from a strange or unknown source kills power across the world. A secret agency is back into action after the brutal attack is traced in the New Providence’s city, led by the mysterious organization, known as Terra Nova. After the first strike of the Agency against the organization fails, the characters of the player, who are super-powered agents summoned into the field by the voice of Agency as a last resort to dismantle.

The game retains the core gameplay of both Crackdown and Crackdown 2, introducing various organizations, leading the city of New Providence that the protagonist will need to take down by slaughtering their kingpins and bosses, demolishing their facilities, and struggling to destabilize their infrastructures. During the gameplay, the protagonist uses the variety of weapons to progress to the end, from basic guns to grenades to machinegun, as well as physical power. In the game, the player controls the special agent and can drive any vehicle found in the environment of the game. A system is introduced in the game, known as “Skills for Kills” from the previous title, in which slaughtering foes with numerous weapons and finding collectible (pickups) hidden across the city will reward the player with points and orbs, which increases the core skills of the player called agility.

The game comes with a new system called “Gangs Bite Back”, enabling the player to draw the attraction of the kingpin and boss upon demolishing the locations and elements. The members of the gang can retaliate for these actions in any place at any time. The Kingpins and huge bosses come for the player personally if the retaliations are beaten back. There is a new element in the fully destructible environments’inclusion. A competitive mode is available, in which the whole city will be destroyable. The player can manipulate the environment from a third-person perspective and can fly in the air for a limited time using the jetpack or particular suit. Try scr888 out, and have fun.

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