5 Online Baccarat Strategy Tips

Baccarat is a comparison card game which is played between two people: the player and the banker’. Each baccarat round of play has three outcomes which are possible, and they are very simple. They are ‘player’, where the player wins, ‘banker’, where the banker wins, and ‘tie’ where, you guessed it, they tie!

It is a very popular casino game – you can even play live baccarat online– which has been around since casinos first came into existence and it is starting to gain traction in online casinos. Today, online baccarat is just as popular as more well-known card games such as poker.

Baccarat is a game which has a ton of different strategies and, as a new player, it can be hard to get your head around it. If you are thinking of participating in some online baccarat, here are five simple strategy tips which will get you off to a flying start.

#1: Don’t Bet the ‘Tie’

Because of the game’s nature, baccarat has low house edges out of two of its three bets. The ‘banker’ bet has a house edge of 1.06%, ‘player’ has 1.24%, and the ‘tie’ has 14.4%. What this means is that for every 100 ‘units’ you are expected to lose 14.4% for tie bets compared to 1.06% and 1.24% for banker and player bets respectively.

The tie bet, therefore, is a gross waste of money and you should not bet on it!

#2: The Banker is Best

The first bet you should ever make on baccarat is on the banker, but why? Because the banker wins over 50% of the time and to avoid giving the player an anti-competitive edge, each banker win has a 5% commission taken off it.

Because of this, you may as well place bets on the banker. You are more likely to win, and it is the best newbie-friendly one.

#3: Manage Money Properly

Essentially, when you play baccarat, you are betting on a coin-flip; it is a tight game which only has a few ways of playing. That being said, coin flips can still have long streaks and it is easy to get carried away.

They say the casino always wins, and this will be the case if you do not manage your money properly and take a break every once in a while. Set yourself a limit, say 100-200 units, and then take a hike when you hit that limit.

#4: Stall Your Decision When the Banker Loses

When you do eventually lose on the banker bet and the player wins, wait for the next decision before you place your next bet. When that decision is made, this is what you bet on – this is a simple strategy which stops you being predictable.

#5: Ride Out the Player Bet

When you do eventually bet on the player, ride it out and keep going until it loses. When a player loses to the banker, you do not need to wait for the next decision and you can immediately get hot on the banker’s tail and bet on it. Should the banker lose, though, follow our previous tip!

Got any more great tips? Let us know!

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