6 expert tips to help you master the ONRUSH open beta, live on PS4 this week

Hello! I’m Paul Rustchynsky, game director of ONRUSH, and I’m overjoyed to be bringing the open beta to PlayStation starting on Thursday 17th May – or if you’ve pre-ordered the game, you’ll be able to start 48 hours prior with exclusive early access!

The open beta is a fantastic opportunity for you all to check out what ONRUSH is all about, as well as providing us an opportunity to listen to your feedback so that we can ensure a smooth and fun launch come 5th June.

ONRUSH isn’t like any other traditional racer; it’s a unique hybrid of arcade action racer and team-based objective shooter – so ahead of the open beta, I’m going to try and help you get the most out of playing it when the opportunity arrives next week!

1. Navigating ‘Big Dune Beach’ and Volcano Lake’

You’ll have two unique tracks to speed around and takedown opponents on during the beta, both of which offer multiple routes and opportunities.

Big Dune Beach – One of the wider and more open tracks in the game, Big Dune Beach, sees you riding the dunes and catching big air throughout.

Always keep an eye out for your rivals leaping on top of you and be sure to manage your boost over the jumps by letting go in the air – unless, of course, there’s an enemy below to crush! Oh, and watch out for the shallow water – it’ll slow you down!


Volcano Lake – Huge verticality, massive stone stacks and colourful sulphur pools combine to create a visually distinct track, but don’t be fooled by its beauty: it’s often deadly.

Littered with trees and man-made hazards, Volcano Lake is a track that benefits players who like to take risks; dodging obstacles for last second boost bonuses, baiting pursuers through tight gaps, and chancing that dramatic triple barrel roll off the large jumps.


2. How to score big on OVERDRIVE and COUNTDOWN

Remember: this isn’t a traditional racer, so speeding off ahead and trying to lose the pack won’t win the match! The modes in ONRUSH are all objective based, so it’s important that you keep your current goal in mind.

OVERDRIVE – In Overdrive the focus is earning and spending boost, because for every moment you’re igniting boost you’re scoring points. The skill comes from trying to maintain a combo, as the longer you keep your boost active, the bigger the multiplier.

If you trigger RUSH it’ll double your current multiplier, so try and use RUSH when you’ve already got a good combo going – that’s the best way to bag yourself a match-winning deluge of points.


COUNTDOWN – With Countdown, your goal is drive through the gates to earn time for your teams depleting clock. Time is of the essence, as when you run out of time your team will lose the round.

The trick in Countdown is deciding when to go for the Takedown instead of a gate; if you wreck a competitor they’ll likely miss three, maybe even four gates, which is a huge time penalty… But every time you miss a gate during the chase, you’ll lose precious time for your team.

Top tip: if someone is gunning for you, sometimes it’s best to dive out of the way, miss the gate, and survive to hit the next gate.

Oh, and don’t worry about trying to learn where the gates spawn – they’re randomly positioned, so expect them to be in a different place each lap.


3. How to earn boost and make the most of RUSH

Boost is the lifeblood of ONRUSH. You need it to go faster and hit harder, but you also need to earn it to be able to use it. Luckily there more than a dozen ways to earn boost, so look for every opportunity to fill up your tank by:

  • Getting air – Seek out jumps! There are many hidden across the tracks that aren’t the obvious ramps.
  • Take risks – Narrowly dodge a tree or skim a wall at speed, just don’t make contact.
  • Smash fodder – Those smaller black and grey vehicles are fodder: smash them all!
  • Collect Tombstones – Every time someone wrecks they drop a Tombstone – collect it for more boost.

Don’t forget, whenever you use boost you’re building up your RUSH gauge, and when that’s full you can unleash your RUSH Ultimate for 10 seconds of unstoppable speed and power.

4. Choose your vehicle class wisely

There are four vehicle classes available in the beta:

  • Blade
  • Vortex
  • Interceptor
  • Titan

All of these classes offer different strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, each have a different load-out of abilities. Vitally ONRUSH is a team game, so picking a line-up of vehicles that compliment one another for the mode and track you’re about to race on is important, and often it’ll give you the edge against the competition!

5. Gear and rewards

We all enjoy customisation, and collecting the best-looking gear in ONRUSH is an awesome way to personalise your experience. In the beta we’ll be randomly assigning you a loadout of vehicles, a character, tricks, a victory dance, a Crashtag and a Tombstone.

You might not be able to pick your load-out in the beta, but by playing it you’ll be able to unlock a series of rewards to use for personalisation in the full game. All you need to do is level up while you play – so see if you can snag all the open beta exclusive rewards!


6. What do I press to go fast?

Anyone who’s played a racer before should be able to get up to speed in seconds, but there’s more to ONRUSH than meets the eye. Before you dive in be sure to take a glance at the controls, just to make sure you know what every button does:


At any point whilst you’re racing you can hit L1 to bring up the match info overlay, and that will show you how you’re performing versus your team and remind yourself of your current vehicle’s abilities. It’s more useful than you might initially think!


And that’s it from me! I sincerely hope you enjoy the open beta. I think it offers a great taste of what’s to come in the full game next month, and I can’t wait to see everyone playing our game for the first time. Thanks for reading, and for more information be sure to follow ONRUSH on Twitter for updates during the open beta, as we’re planning on keeping things fresh throughout!

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