How to Change Minecraft Skin

You can use both internal skin and external in Minecraft. The image shown below represents the view of the simple Minecraft character called Steve. There’s also another character whose name is Alex. You can look at the character while playing. Just press F5 button. If you press it twice you’ll see your character closer. But Steve is old and boring and mostly only newcomers use it.

There are two ways that will help to change skins in Minecraft. They are very easy. You can make your own skin in game build-in skin chooser or install one of the different variants from the Web.

Changing Minecraft skin in the game is an easy and quick process. It is usually done with the help of the handy Skin Chooser feature. To start the transformation click on the clothes hanger icon on the main screen. After that, you’ll see the variety of skins. Most of them are free, but not all to find lot of free minecraft skins you can visit Some must be unlocked with Minecraft Coins. Such skins are marked with a white lock icon.

Another variant to change skin is to download it from the Web. In this case, you are not limited at all. Most of the skins are created by players and you can choose the one you like. This way is more complicated than the first one, so below there are shown steps how to manage it.

Minecraft images are small images in PNG format, not JPEG. The image looks like this one:

There are lots of websites that help to find and download different skins. It doesn’t matter where you download your skins. You just need to know the folder. Also, you can sort them and give the names in order to find quickly. 

After choosing the skin you want to apply, log in to the official Minecraft website, using your username and e-mail. Then click Browse key and search the needed skin on your PC. When you find it, click Upload key and wait for the confirmation message.

If you are in the game, leave it and enter one more time. If not, just open Minecraft. After that, load the world you like and press F5 to see your upgraded skin.

Minecraft 1.8 also gives an opportunity to choose separate items, such as coats, sweaters or hats without installing any mods. Click Options and choose Skin Customization to customize your skin. But you should remember that only the newest skins are compatible with Minecraft 1.8 features.

You can search for skins almost everywhere. It doesn’t matter what site you will choose. Most of the sites have a big variety of skins together with a preview and screenshot capabilities.

 But there are a few good resources that can help you to find the needed skin for Minecraft.

The most popular site for downloading skins is Skindex. It is located at It has convenient search-system and voting system that helps to make the right choice. Also, there’s «Latest» list of skins, so you can see the most recent skins.

Another is NameMC. It offers the possibility to change the username and proposes the list of available names. But the site also features a variety of Minecraft skins. You can view and download them. The «preview» feature is better than on Skindex. You can see the skin from different rotates before downloading it. «Apply»feature helps to log into your account and place the skin on your account. You don’t need to download anything.

If you have a great imagination you can make the skin on your own. Just create a PNG image at the right size. Lots of different editors will help you to make the skin. For example, it can be MCSkinner or Minecraft SkinEdit.

You can create your shin from the very beginning, choosing the appropriate colors and details. You can also upload existing skins and improve them in your own way. You can even work with Steve or Alex skin.

Therefore, changing Minecraft skin is an easy process, and everyone can cope with it. There are different ways to upgrade your character. You can change it directly in the game, download it from the Web or create it by yourself. Choose the most appropriate way and enjoy the game.

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