The Most Popular Online Casino Games

Online gambling is ubiquitous in the United Kingdom. Last year, more than £4.5 billion was spent exclusively at online casinos, making it the largest market for gamblers. Gaming sites are scrambling to release all-new games or remixed classics to compete with one another. A virtual analogueexists for every type of real-lifegame – even bingo or scratch-off tickets. You’re sure to find something you like among the spectrum of entertainment available. “Gaming sites are scrambling to release all-new games or remixed clasics to compete with one another. If you want know which one’s best for you, you could visit”

Let’s take a look at some of the most played games at the most popular online casinos.


If you’re looking to really test your luck, consider a game of roulette. Virtual versions may scratch your itch, but roulette has to be played with a real spinning wheel for truly random odds. While you once had to travel to a casino for the best experience, with online live roulette, you don’t even have to put on pants.

The demand for live roulette has driven every large online casino to offer it totheir patrons. As social creatures, we feel more engaged when we can interact with others; live roulette rooms allow players to chat among themselves and the human host via webcam. The popularity of roulette is evident in Channel 5’s online Super Casino, available on TVs across the nation.


Millions would agree that there’s nothing quite like watching the wheels spin on a slot machine. Traditional slots were relatively simple, with little variation: pull the handle, see the reels go around, and hope for a win. With such a wide variety of game types and themes, modern virtual slots are anything but simple. Complete beginners shouldn’t be put off from joining in, as online casinos offer slots for all skill types and play styles.

Try one of the many interactive games available if you’re bored of the standard slots experience. Themes are commonly taken from fantasy or pop culture, like film stars and TV show characters. Bright colours, flowing animations, and fast-paced arcade gameplay define some of the most popular online slots today.


One of the easiest card games to learn is also one of the most popular. Blackjack may be a simple concept to grasp for anyone with basic addition skills, but there is a lot of skill involved in playing the game efficiently. Most large online casinos have a range of different variations on the original if you’re bored with the standard fare.

Your objective is to have cards greater in value than the dealer, but never going above 21. At the start of the game,you are given two cards and a choice to draw another or pass. When both parties pass, the hands are revealed. A hand goes by very quickly; blackjack is great for anyone with limited time to commit to gaming.

Online gaming is the most popular form of gambling in the UK right now. The depth of the market allows for some of the most feature-rich and immersive gaming ever available electronically. Even if you’re not a fan of some of the more popular games, you’re sure to find your niche in the mountain of entertainment on display.

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