Retro 16-bit RPG platformer Fox ‘n’ Forests arrives on PS4 today

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog post about Fox n Forests, our 16-bit style action platformer with RPG and puzzle elements, that empowers you to switch seasons on the fly!

Fox 'n' Forests

It is basically the pixel perfect game we always wanted to make (and play, hehe) and we worked on it for over two years as a co-development between Bonus Level Entertainment, Independent Arts Software and talented freelancers across the globe.

As you can see Fox n Forests is inspired by the glorious days of 16-bit and we combined this nostalgic look and feel with our own ideas and modern game design in order to offer an epic, exploration heavy experience with many RPG elements, cool super secrets and an optional checkpoint system to reward risk taking as well as three difficulty settings.

As the name suggests you will take control of Rick the Fox, a rather naughty anti-hero.

Fox 'n' Forests

What happened? Well, the forests somehow got stuck in the four seasons and the Season Tree is in despair. So, he sends out Patty the Partridge to search for a true hero to save the day. But all she could find is greedy and grumpy Rick. Well, sometimes that’s life. Trust me, this odd couple will make for a fun fable type of story 😉

Your weapon is a magic melee crossbow that can not only be used for ranged and close up combat but empowers you to seamlessly switch between two pre-defined seasons per level. Let it be spring to winter in one level, summer to fall in another or winter to summer, no two levels feels the same!

Fox 'n' Forests

Switching seasons not only results in a neat looking change of the whole environment, it uncovers secrets or a new path and it can also be used to outfox enemies or defeat bosses. Once defeated bosses will rewarded you with magic arrows, such as a handy spread shot.

Fox 'n' Forests

However, magic arrows and switching seasons costs mana. But no need to worry, you can upgrade your mana bar, hearts and even acquire new melee moves. For example, once you have purchased the double jump spin attack scroll, enemies in the air will become a piece of cake. The devastating stomp attack on the other hand lets you attack foes from above and destroy stone platforms, nice for some backtracking.

We also implemented magic attack potions that can be bought in the magic shop. But you will need to find an empty bottle first! Empty bottles can be reused and are hidden in treasure chest, that usually contain gold or grindstones, needed to sharpen your bayonet.

Fox 'n' Forests

The feedback we got from gamers all over the world so far is amazingly positive and I truly hope that you will give our passionate action platformer a (crossbow) shot when it comes out!

Fox ‘n’ Forests will launch digitally on PlayStation 4 in the US and EU regions on 17th May and supports the languages English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

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