Madden NFL 19 is coming to PS4 this August

Building on the success of last season, Madden NFL 19 pushes gameplay farther than ever before, with advances in popular game modes and control put solidly in the players’ hands.

At the forefront of these changes are the enhancements to player influence. Madden NFL 19 will deliver unprecedented control with Real Player Motion. RPM brings realistic character movements and animation variety, creating authentic movement unique to positions and body types that delivers game-changing control and precision on the field. For example, RPM allows you to “Hit the Hole” by finding an open lane, maneuvering around your opponent, and seamlessly running through the lane for that critical extra yardage.

Madden NFL 19

For the ultimate fantasy football team, there’s Madden Ultimate Team, and now there are even more ways to play with your custom roster. Solo Battles is a leaderboard driven reward system comparing your performance in daily single player challenges against other top MUT players.

MUT Squads was a popular game mode introduced last season that allowed players to combine efforts to build amazing rosters for online 3 vs. 3 matchups. In Madden NFL 19, you can team up with friends against the CPU to take on tough challenges set to push your teamwork to the limit.

Madden NFL 19

A longtime favorite mode in the Madden community is Connected Franchise. This mode gives players the ultimate NFL experience. With Madden NFL 19, in addition to controlling the NFL team of your choosing, you’ll be able to adjust the roster to completely fit your scheme and gameplan thanks to Player Positional Archetypes, which help determine which players are the best fit. Improve how well your roster and scheme match as you earn XP and spend Skill Points to boost specific skill sets.

Madden NFL 19 is set up to be the best Madden season yet and is coming to PS4 on 10th August.

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