The Rise Of PC Gaming – Will Its Popularity Remain?

Any gamer with knowledge of the industry will know that PC gaming is currently one of the most popular methods of play today. Whether through game marketplaces like Steam or Origin, via MMORPGs, or even through online casino games, PC gamers consistently utilise their computers to their fullest for countless hours of play. But despite its current popularity, questions around whether PC gaming is under threat from new styles are rife. Here, we’re taking a look at how PC gaming became as popular as it is today, and whether its popularity could remain.

Why Was PC Gaming So Popular?

Ever since the first ever Amstrad computer was released as an affordable computer to the masses, gaming on PCs has been available. Of course, the games available weren’t anything like we see today, but with Bomb Jackand Contrataking over countless lives across the world. Then, in 1993, new processors were released with better power than ever before and big name games were much more easily played on these computers. Fast forward again to 1998, and we see the Pentium II processor making high-spec gaming even easier with the likes of Half Lifegivingplayers a whole new 3D experience.

The point here is that PC gaming has always been accessible, and it’s perhaps for this reason that the popularity grew so drastically. A family could purchase a PC for everyone to use, whether for business or simply for leisure, and every person who used the computer could have access to not only gamingbut other computer functions too. These machines were multi-purpose, easy to get hold of and simple to use.

Why It’s Still Such A Popular Choice

Nowadays, the above is still very much still relevant. PC gaming is one of the most accessible forms of gaming we have besides mobile. There are nearly five billion people online today, and every single one of those people hasaccess to a game of some form – even if it’s just solitaire!

The appeal today, however, goes far beyond just accessibility. Improvements in internet technologies have made online gaming much simpler, offering gamers the chance to play alongside their friends without needing to be in the same room. They’re often free to access too, making this live gameplay style open to everyone. Take World of Warcraft, for example – this game skyrocketed in popularity upon its release and despite waning interest nowadays, there are still 7-10 million active players at any one time.

Desktop games also have the benefit that developers can more easily cater to a wider demographic. With consoles, there has to be a desire to play from the offset in which to invest in these consoles, while online gaming is there at the click of a button and often at minimal,if any, cost. Young players, old players, male, and female – they can all find something to enjoy online, and game producers are certainly capitalising on this.

What About Mobile?

Despite all of the above, there is one competitor thought to be a threat to the world of PC gaming – Mobile.

There are over 2 billion people with smartphonestoday and with 500+ games being submitted to app stores per day, there’s certainly no shortage of options for players to choose from. With a good chunk of these games also being free, the accessibility and low cost are enough to have gamers switching to mobile completely – but are they?

Mobile gaming is perfect for on the goplay. During your commute, while in queues or waiting for things, mobile apps are a great way to pass the time, but what about when you’re at home? While a lot of us will still indulge in a mobile game or two from our couch, we’re also not quite putting away our other gaming methods just yet. PC games are still selling extremely well, with the potential for growth already well and truly there.

Final Thoughts

In all, PC gaming still has a wealth of potential to keep growing. While mobile gaming is doing exactly the same, these are essentially two separate gaming styles that we areeasily able to indulge in depending on our situation or needs at the time. With improvements in online gaming, we’re even starting to see cross-platform apps popping up. Growtopia, Robloxand more are all available for download, integrating these two gaming styles seamlessly.

PC gaming is still a huge part of the gaming market and it’s certainly not time to say goodbye yet – what do you think?

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